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“Maya Angelou once said, ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’  The same can be said for a well-designed home.  Good design is alchemical, in that all the smaller elements that go into its execution create something that is larger than the sum of its parts.  That something, is resonance.”  Hawthorn & Lily Interiors (HL) is an up and coming company from Longmont, Colorado that specializes in Colorado home staging, Colorado interior design, and Colorado wood furnishings. When you talk with Joshua and Lyndsey McGuire for the first time, you can hear the passion in their voices and can feel the heart behind their growing business. Their love of using Colorado natural materials in their designs, makes them a very appealing Colorado interior design company. We sat down with Lyndsey to learn more about Hawthorn & Lily and where they hope to be in the years to come.

Colorado Natural Materials

RMFP: So Lyndsey- tell us the story behind Harthorn & Lily and how you got started. What is the meaning of your company’s name?

HL: Well Hawthorn & Lily is actually a combination of our children’s middle names. Hawthorn represents a heart healing tree and Lily is a flower of peace. Love and peace, we’re true hippies at heart! We are a fairly new company, launching this past October. We’ve been doing random projects over the past year, but decided to jump fully in this past year.

RMFP: What a cool meaning of your name and congratulations on the launch of your company. That’s a big step!  Do you have any employees?

HL: Not currently- it is just my husband and I right now. We utilize an amazing team of subcontractors, such as general contractors or painters when the project calls for it.

RMFP: Being located in Longmont, what is your typical service area?

HL: Yes, we are based out of Longmont, but regularly travel into Denver and Fort Collins as well.

RMFP: What would you say your typical design style is?

HL: I would describe Hawthorn & Lily as organic, rustic and natural. We bring in some farmhouse style elements and are inspired by the Japanese aesthetic, Wabi Sabi. We just really love using natural elements, such as wood beams that mimic nature.

RMFP: What is your typical clientele that you work with?

HL: We love working with homeowners, of course. We also love working with home stagers and builders. Realtors and listing agents are a large part of our business because they are typically really interested in our services. Overall, we just want to help create comfortable, magazine-worthy spaces for people- regardless of how much money they are able to spend towards it.

RMFP: What do you want potential clients to know about Hawthorn & Lily?

HL: We want them to know that we are approachable and work with people really well. We are really heart-forward and pride ourselves in being real with people. We want to make design affordable and accessible, no matter the budget. Even if you don’t have tons of money, you can still use our services in some capacity to steer you in the right direction. We love networking and building relationships with people. We are dedicated to helping people find their vision that they sometimes have a hard time articulating.

RMFP: That’s amazing… what do clients usually ask you when you are first talking about a project?

HL: A lot of clients are mystified by the design process, so we really aim to educate our clients on what it’s going to look like. They of course want to know how much it’s going to cost, how involved we are going to be and what exactly they are paying for. It’s scary for a client to bring someone into their home, so we want them to know that it’s really up to them with how far they want to go with our services. They can just pay for the design, and we can be as involved or not as they want.

RMFP: Tell us about your Colorado wood furnishings. How does that play into the interior design and home staging?

HL: Well, I think this is where we have a unique edge in our market. Clients are always needing a piece of furniture for a specific corner or a certain sized kitchen table, and we found that it was easier for us to build it ourselves than to source it and wait for it to be delivered. This way, we can give our client exactly what they are envisioning. We make hard tables, media cabinets, farm tables, and really any need that arises. It’s exciting to keep learning and growing through the process of creating custom furnishings for our clients.

RMFP: That’s a brilliant idea and it does give you a competitive edge. What are your goals for your business?

HL: Well our first year, like all companies it to just survive. We want to make this something we can do while balancing life with two small children. We hope to have it bring in enough money to make it sustainable. Long term, our goal is to be active on a permaculture farm, homesteading and doing design work remotely. We are dedicated to growing our online presence, so we can support others following their dreams like we are.

RMFP: What is one of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on?

HL: We recently worked with a man that had gone through a tough divorce with his wife. She took everything and he had to move into a new house. We helped him design the whole house and really connected on our shared interest and background in farming. He had a chicken coop at his previous home that we were able to salvage wood from and incorporate into his new home. We were able to use that wood from the chicken house to cover the wall over the stairs. It was very fulfilling to help this man keep his story going with a connection to his history through the design elements.

Colorado Interior Designer

If you are looking for an amazing husband, wife duo to help with interior design, home staging or Colorado wood furnishings, please give Hawthorn & Lily a call at 720-480-1174, email them here, visit their website or show them some love on social on Facebook and Instagram!

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