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After those long winter months of being stuck indoors and not being able to fully enjoy the outside, the second warm weather hits you don’t want to waste your time with getting ready for summer, yard work, or replacing your deck or fence. We get it-your life is hectic and after a long day, all you want to do is come home, kick off your shoes, grab a drink, and enjoy your backyard space. If it’s covered in dirt, leaves, rusted and rotted boards then your relaxation turns into stress. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to liven up your deck and fence so it doesn’t interfere with your relaxation.

Our Top Tips for Getting Ready for Summer

Washing Away Winter

During the long winter months, dirt, leaves and dust accumulate on your deck. You can’t enjoy a deck when it’s dirty right? The first step to washing the winter months down the drain is to power wash your deck. Lightly sweep off everything you can before you start. Start at one end and work your way down. In no time, your dirty and lifeless deck will come alive and look great.

Restoring the Color

You get to skip this step with composite or vinyl decking and fencing. If you have a traditional wood deck or fence, every so often you may need to revamp the color on your deck and fence. The harsh temperature, snow, and wind can cause your paint or stain to fade. A simple touch up with the same paint and stain should do it justice. If you’re feeling creative, you can always strip the coloring off and start over. By starting fresh with a new color, your deck and fence will look brand new.

Brightening Your Deck

If your deck is in good condition and you just want to give some life to this space, you can use a deck brightener. This product is for wood decks only and particularly works the best on cedar. If you chose cedar or redwood for your deck, it is most likely because you like the aesthetics of the wood. A deck brightener is a mixture of chemicals that will restore the original look of your wood deck.

Staining Your Deck

If you decide to stain your deck, whether it’s for the first time, or you are doing it again – the first thing you want to do is make sure the surface is stripped and clean. Deck strippers are full of harsh chemicals, so make sure you use caution and make sure you clean up any remnants left behind. When working with deck stripper, check to see if yours is ready to use or if it needs to be diluted, this can make a huge difference. Also, only use the deck stripper if your deck and stain are old. Once your deck is clean, let it dry for about 48 hours. After your deck is fully dry, you can start staining. We recommend using a staining pad to be more efficient with your job. Once you’re done staining, apply a sealant to prolong the life of the stain, let it dry and you’re done! The same goes for staining your fence.

Decorating and Accents

After you have brought your outdoor space back to life, now it’s time to decorate! Bring out your patio set, porch swing, playground for your kiddos, and your blow up pool because it’s time to party. There are so many fun things you can add to your backyard space that will instantly make it feel like a vacation. Tiki torches along your fence and deck are good accent pieces, as well as dangling lights or fairy lights. Of course, the add ons like landscaping, metal wall art, a bright colored umbrella and table pieces make an outdoor space the ultimate spot to hang during the summer.

Your outdoor space is your place to kick back and relax. The summer months are the time for BBQs, pool parties, birthday parties, beers with the bros, and cocktails with your girlfriends. Keep up with your space and make sure that your house is ready to be the go-to hang out spot. Once your getting ready for summer tasks are done done, relax and enjoy the compliments from your friends and family.