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The holidays are here! With that comes family, friends, food, gatherings, and parties. If your home will be the place to be this holiday, you need to get a few things done to reduce stress, make entertaining a success, and ease the work around having overnight guests in your home. Take a look at these crucial home projects for the holidays.

#1- Home Projects for the Holidays: The Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in your home and is the center of entertaining. Despite the fact that we are in and out of it daily and cycle through the items inside, there is always forgotten food, spills, leaks, and other debris.

Not only is it important for your health and others, a clean fridge is a must since you will not be the only one opening its doors. Throw away any expired or almost used up condiments, produce, and leftovers. Wipe down shelves, walls, and drawers.

#2- Home Projects for the Holidays: Clutter, Clutter, Clutter

No matter how beautiful your home is, clutter will kill the ambiance. Take time to remove any unneeded clutter that has built up around your home like mail, magazines, packages, and other tiny odds and ends. This will not only make for easy dusting, but will also reduce your stress by keeping your home relaxing and enjoyable.

#3- Home Projects for the Holidays: Fix The Toilet

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the next busiest place in your home. Take the time to fix any running toilets, loose toilet seats, or broken handles before guests arrive. 

#4- Home Projects for the Holidays: Deodorize Furniture and Rugs

As we go through our daily life outside of the holidays normal wear and tear on our home quickly builds up. Use baking soda or Febreze to freshen up chairs, sofas, beds, and rugs. This will keep your home smelling fresh.

home projects for the holidays

#5- Home Projects for the Holidays: Clean The Oven

You will be cooking overtime during the holidays especially if you have house guests. Burnt debris left in the oven can get into food and affect the taste. Cleaning the oven can be very time consuming, but it is a rewarding kitchen project once completed. You can line your rack with drip pans and foil to catch spills and items that bubble over to keep it clean after your hard work.

#6- Home Projects for the Holidays: Floors

Even though floors are under our feet and below eye level, great floors can make or break your décor. Deeply vacuum carpeting and rugs, polish and mop hard surfaces, remove carpet stains, and repair any major gouges or scratches in wood floors.

#7- Home Projects for the Holidays: Guestrooms

If you have house guests staying with you over the holidays, give them a bed and breakfast like experience. Make sure that their room(s) are spotless and void of clutter for a true hotel feel. Also, replace any stained linens or freshen up new linens even if they have not been used. They can still smell stale if they are not regularly used.

Clean bathrooms and showers so that there are no water spots, stains, mold, or dirt. Provide them with fresh towels and quality bath products so that they feel pampered and relaxed.

Make sure that closets and drawers have space so that they can settle in with their personal items for a more at home feel. 

#8- Home Projects for the Holidays: Table Ware

If you do not have designated holiday dishes, glasses, and flat ware, make sure that the items you use daily are up to standard for entertaining. Eating, drinking, and eating out of chipped or stained dishes, glasses, and utensils if off putting. Many discount home stores have kitchen items at reasonable prices, so you do not have to break your budget.

#9- Home Projects for the Holidays: Entryway

Whether you have a large entry way or a small one take some time to clean and organize it with hooks and shoe mats to stop dirt at the door. Just by putting these in your entry way your guests get the subtle message that you want them to remove coats and shoes before entering.

Entertaining during the holidays is fun and stressful at the same time. These suggestions and others can quickly clean up your home, make a great impression on friends and family, reduce your stress, and make memories memorable. Happy Holidays, everyone!