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If you are familiar with our products, you’ve probably seen or heard about the infamous beetle kill pine by now. It’s an unmatched material with its hues of blue and hints of character like no other. Beetle kill pine, also referred to as blue stain pine, has become vastly popular throughout the years in terms of adding personalized and unique design to any indoor or outdoor space. 

Beetle kill pine gets its distinctive look from blue stain fungus that spreads from bark beetles to Lodgepole Pine, Douglas Fir, and Whitebark Pine trees. The fungus works with the beetles to turn the tree into nutrients. This unfortunately kills the trees over time, but provides us with beautifully streaked natural wood to salvage and display. During the kiln drying process, the fungus is burnt away. Leaving the product as a clean, affordable, eco-friendly, and stunning piece of lumber. 

Exterior Siding

One of the most common uses for beetle kill pine is exterior siding. Stand out from the crowd with materials that are breathtaking and unlike anything else in your neighborhood. Many flock to the idea of installing beetle kill pine on the outside walls of their home to boost curb appeal and add a sense of personality and creativity to their property. Plus, it’s an extremely durable and resistant material that will surely stand the test of time against any harsh environmental elements.

Interior Flooring

Another popular method of implementing beetle kill pine materials into your home is in the form of flooring. What better way to admire and get the chance to see your wood as often as possible? Beetle kill pine flooring can be installed in virtually any indoor space, regardless of the existing design. Even though many of the materials have blue tints to them, the wood itself is a lovely light shade that is sure to go well with any room. It’s a great way to add light and details to flow seamlessly throughout your home. 

Interior Ceiling

Similar to flooring, beetle kill pine is often incorporated into the designs of ceilings. Installing these vibrant and interesting materials to be displayed above your spaces is a great way to add brightness and character throughout your home. Ceilings tend to get overlooked when considering designs and details to implement in different spaces. Like accent walls, ceilings that make use of wood or other unique materials have the ability to create an entirely different vibe and composition for a space. Beetle kill pine will especially look great on any ceiling, constructing a natural movement and dimension in any area.

Interior siding

One of the most popular ways to install materials like beetle kill pine into homes is in the form of accent walls or siding in rooms. People love to incorporate interior siding because it goes well with pretty much any existing space and is usually effortless to install on your own. If you’re in need of a small change or a cool design to add some charm to a space in your home, a beetle kill pine accent wall is the perfect addition. It’ll add natural elements and light to anywhere you need it to. There’s a reason beetle kill pine siding is one of our top selling products. It’s a timeless material with so much to offer to the spaces in your home, try it out for yourself today!


If you are in the midst of a kitchen or bathroom renovation and considering your options to take your designs to the next level, beetle kill pine cabinetry may be the solution for you. While still achieving a sleek or sophisticated look, beetle kill pine cabinetry will bring that extra detail and character without sacrificing simplicity. The subtle hints of blue throughout the surface of beetle kill pine make for the perfect incorporation of natural elements and fascinating ingredients to sprinkle throughout your spaces. For spaces that are mostly white or particularly simple, beetle kill pine cabinetry does a wonderful job at adding rustic design and a sense of warmth throughout the home. 

These are just a few of the many incredible uses for beetle kill pine. There’s truly no limit to what can be achieved with this awesome material. Let your creative spirit shine through and add some personality and blue stain details to your home today!