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Planning a Trex deck can be time consuming and difficult. There are an endless number of ways to design a deck! And Trex designers have given you a wide array of colors to choose from so the combinations are numerous. By the time you end up with your final selection you will probably have several Trex decking samples around your home. Although they are small, they are still beautiful and a shame to waste. Use your imagination and creativity and come up with ways to use your leftover Trex samples around the house!

Use Cases for Trex Decking Samples

Here are some DIY projects that you can do at home to utilize your pieces of Trex decking:

  1. Plant Shelves – By hanging your Trex sample by leather straps you can create a unique platform for a small plant or succulent. This is a great way to fill limited wall space with just one shelf or an eclectic way to fill and entire wall by staggering them about. Either way you will find that the standard sample size is the perfect length and width for this project.
  2. Key Rack – We all wonder what to do with our keys when we walk in the door. Here is an organized way to keep track of them until your next outing. Attach your Trex sample flush to the wall with command strips or picture hanging hardware and add hooks to the surface for a cute and easy way to hang keys.
  3. Makeup Brush Holder – Women! We all have hundreds of makeup brushes and it seems and they end up filling our makeup bags and lining our bathroom drawers. With a hot glue gun attach a glass or plastic jar to your Trex sample. Then with command strips attach it the wall and fill with makeup brushes!
  4. Address Plaque – Spruce up the front of your home with this homemade address plaque. Attach the appropriate numbers to your Trex sample and decorate with other adornments to create an easy to see address plaque.
  5. Bottle Opener – Your trusty bottle opener always seems to go missing and is never where you think you put it. Here are two ideas to keep your bottle opener handy:
  • Attach a wall mount opener to the Trex decking sample and then adhere to a wall or side of a cupboard or bar.
  • Attach a hook to your Trex sample for an identified place to hang your favorite hand -held bottle opener
  1. Add Height To Table Tops Or Shelves – When decorating table tops or shelves with candles, photos, and other trinkets stack your Trex deck samples under these items to add varying height to your décor.
  2. Coasters – Use your leftover Trex samples for coasters inside your home or out on your deck while entertaining.

These are just a few fun ideas to use your Trex decking samples. Waste Not Want Not! Recycling is always an easy way to contribute to the longevity of the Earth!