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After an explosive year in 2018 the composite decking market is more than thriving. Decks are becoming not just a luxury for homeowners but an investment. A well thought out and designed outdoor living space is not only an extension of your home it actually adds value. In this blog, we will break down some of the most popular deck trends for 2019!

A beautiful composite deck is one of the few timeless additions that you can make to your home that you will not have to update.

After looking back over 2018 lumber yards and dealer identified some deck trends to keep a lookout for in 2019.

Deck Trends For 2019: A Shady Situation

Back in the days of the traditional wood deck no one ever considered covering it or adding shaded areas. Today this is a whole different ball game. Shade is in! The goal of a true outdoor living space is to use it all year round and despite the weather.

Sun-shielding on your deck means that you can be out there all day long…not just in the evening when the sun is setting or the morning when it is rising.

The covered areas also provide respite from rain and snow.

Deck Trends For 2019: Bold Is Better

The color palettes of composite decking have come a long way. Manufacturers have really stepped up to increase color availability and their intensity. Colors that are reminiscent of chocolate, clay, soil, rock and natural habitats have become quite popular.

To accent these colors deck designers have started “picture framing” (the outlining boards of the deck are a contrasting color) decks with bold colors to really make them stand out.

Deck Trends For 2019: Outrageous Spaces

Homeowners are no longer happy with the standard rectangle or square deck. Some of these non-traditional designs include multi levels, elevated hot tubs, rooftop decks, freestanding decks, built in eating spaces, and elaborate bars.

Deck Trends For 2019: Water Ways

For a cooling effect during the heat of the day or a relaxing addition to the evening homeowners are incorporating water features on top of and built into their decks. These include fountains, ponds, even floating platforms. Since composite decking plays well with water the match was made in heaven!

Deck Trends For 2019: Lights, Lights, Lights

The added ambiance that lights give to the interior of your home do the exact same thing outdoors! Lighting options just keep coming when it comes to decking. This trend includes lighted railings, stairways, deck sconces, and overhead lighting in pergolas.

2019 looks like it is going to be another stellar year for composite decking and landscaping. Contractors, homeowners, and designers are really researching new trends and implementing many of their own ideas to create some of the most amazing outdoor living spaces ever!