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Fortress Decking Infinity is providing homeowners with a better, more realistic composite decking option.

Over the years, composite decking companies have gotten better at making decking materials look more realistic. They are coming up with products that use natural or recycled materials. Materials that look good longer, and use fewer chemical treatments. Over and over we can tout the growing list of benefits of composite decking materials. But Fortress Decking Infinity goes even beyond all that to give consumers a better option.


A little Background On Fortress Decking Infinity

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we must first tell you a little background about the Fortress Decking company. It’s important to know that Fortress Decking Infinity sprouted out of Johannesburg, South Africa. There, the temperatures reach well into the nineties and hundreds regularly. Their intense heat and rain has led to a need for a decking material that can withstand the harsh elements of the area.

It took over a decade to design and develop the perfect material that can undertake such a task of staying dry, rot resistant, warp free, and fade resistant- all with as close a look to real wood as possible. They put a lot of time and effort into making the best product for their conditions. But the greatest thing about that is, there’s a large part of the world that experiences many of these similar circumstances.

In Colorado, we experience intense heat and sun due to the elevation. The air is dry, often making materials such as pressure treated wood the worst choice for the area. The harsh winds, dry air, and intense sun tend to make composite decking a rational choice for the area. Since Fortress Decking Infinity was designed to withstand much of the same conditions, it becomes an excellent choice for homeowners who want a long lasting deck.

Fortress Decking Infinity - The Rustic-Looking Composite Decking Board

But What REALLY Makes Fortress Decking Infinity So different?

Fortress Decking Infinity has two options, one of those is a standard wood look, and the other is a rustic look. You can also choose from exotic woods and colors, or even the silvery grey look of naturally aged wood. This is something homeowners don’t generally find, but often crave with composite decking.

Fortress Decking Infinity is UV, moisture, and mold resistant as well as scratch, stain, and warp resistant. So your deck will look its best for decades to come.

These composite decking materials are also fully- capped, so you’ll have year- round protection.

What does fully- capped mean?

Fully- capped means that the materials are surrounded completely by a protective skin. That skin is what makes the materials so scratch proof, resistant to mold and moisture, etc.

In many occasions, composite decking companies will only cap the top of the boards, since the top is what is exposed to the scratching and the sun. Also because the cap is what gives the boards their color and wood look. By not fully- capping the beams, the undersides can become exposed to the moisture of the ground and the rain. This leads to warps or damaged boards, and a shorter deck lifespan.


If you’d like to learn more about Fortress Decking Infinity, or any other composite decking material, reach out to us, Rocky Mountain Forest Products, by calling: 866-534-2108. You can also visit our website at rmfp.com, or write a message on our contact page.