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When you are going through a renovation, you want the process to be as easy as possible. That’s why at RMFP we team up with brands that manufacture high quality product at a good price. The brands we work with not only produce a high quality product, but they also have the resources available to make the renovation process easier. This is in addition to a knowledgeable team that is educated and knowledgeable in their product. For these reasons, we here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products proudly supply Fortress Composite Decking products to our clients!

Fortress is a family owned business of 50 years. They have a high level of experience in building material supplies, as well as the design of beautiful projects with their materials. Formed under Fortress are their brands Fortress Railing, Fortress Fencing, OZCO Building Products, Fortress Framing and Fortress Deck. All of these brands consist of high quality products at an affordable price with a wide variety of options. This makes the process of choosing the right product much easier for a homeowner. They have multiple different options to fit your needs as much as possible. Fortress is most popular for their composite decking. They have several different lines of decking with the most popular being their Infinity line. This line of decking is bamboo based and fully composite, and as of now it is the leading decking product in Europe.

Why Choose Fortresses Infinity Line?

Many homeowners choose composite decking because it is low maintenance, easy to care for, and lasts for years without the need of repairs. With composite decking you never have to worry about painting or staining your deck boards. Fortress Infinity Decking Boards require little upkeep, the most they need is a light rinse with a hose to eliminate leaves and dirt. When you build a deck for your home, you want to be able to step outside and not have to grab your shoes on the way. Afterall, who wants to wear shoes when they are at home? Fortress Composite Decking is splinter free, which means you can give your little ones the freedom they want without worrying about them getting splinters. This line of decking is also sustainable and is made completely of bamboo and recycled plastics. Their materials are free of toxins and harsh chemicals, making this product family friendly.

Top 5 Reasons the Fortress Composite Decking Line Is For You

  1. Quality Control
    Fortress’ products are made of co-extruded composite and is made to withstand wear and tear from foot traffic and bad weathe,r such as hail and winds.
  2. Will Last For Years
    Fortress offers a 25 years warranty that will cover any of their products and the homeowners who purchase them.
  3. Aesthetically Pleasing
    Fortresses Infinity Line comes in two different surfaces: you can purchase it in a distressed look or in an exotic hardwood look.
  4. Hide Those Fasteners
    You can completely cut out the need for screws with our hidden fasteners.
  5. Quality Is The Goal
    Fortress’ main goal in providing products to homeowners and contractors is to offer a high quality product that stands true to what their customers want. They never leave a customer unsatisfied or unhappy.

Fortress Composite Decking Colors

The color choices range from natural and light to exotic and vibrant- it depends entirely on what the customer is looking for. Their main colors are light and dark brown, a reddish shade, and a grey. They offer accent colors of white, black, and a natural wood color.

The Profile

The boards themselves are grooved and come in three different lengths. They come in 12’, 16’, and 20’.The boards are grooved and designed to be used with the hidden fasteners to give a clean and simplistic look overall.

Your renovations with Fortress don’t have to stop at your deck. They offer many different lines of products as we mentioned before. They have everything when it comes to decking, fencing, railing systems, and fasteners to complete your renovation all in one stop. Fortress employees themselves, as well as their suppliers, take pride in the product they sell. We as a Fortress supplier take the time to educate you on each product and the options to choose from. This way you know the products offered to you, so you can make the best decision based on your needs in your home and family. Come visit us today and start your renovation process!