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With a passion and love for nature and the beautiful aesthetics that it offers, Forever Barnwood has become a very well known reclaimed wood company. We here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products stock their product not only because they manufacture a high quality product but because they are true to themselves. They love the outdoors and grew up within nature, making themselves one of the best candidates for selling reclaimed wood, which is sourced from Mother Nature herself! Every board that leaves their shop is at the highest quality possible and is 100% crafted by hand. They use their knowledge and care to develop a process that is patented, in which their wood goes through before it is resold. 

Who is Forever Barnwood

Forever Barnwood sells barnwood products that are produced from White Pine, is kiln dried, and individually processed with  all of the products they sell. They offer products that are sold in sizing that is not usually seen in reclaimed wood products. Their sizes can vary from 20” wide and 16’ longboards. They offer a number of different products from beams, shiplap, mantles, countertops, and flooring. 

Dimensional Lumber 

Forever Barnwood boards and planks are 100 year old barn wood that is completely authentic. The appearance of their boards are weathered and vintage looking, with a rustic surface. This product is highly admired amongst designers, because it looks as if it was pulled straight from an old barn and transferred to the wall. The colors they offer for this product are Traditional Desert Burn, White Wash, Red Barn, Century Gray and Patina Gray. 

4 in 1 Shiplap 

The is Forever Barnwood’s version on shiplap siding. This design look is very popular and is known for catching the eye of visitors in the room. With a clean, simple, and rustic look- this product is a must have when you are remodeling or decorating a room. While still looking as if it was taken directly from the barn, you also get a product that is more clean cut and uniform. This product is offered in 8’ lengths and 4.25’, 6.25’, and 8.25’. Offered in the same colors as dimensional lumber! 

DIY Barnwood Box 

The DIY barnwood box is basically wood siding in a box, pretty self explanatory. This product is ideal for the do it yourselfers or the people who want everything done and installed in one day. Each box consists of a glue on products that save on time and still looks great. With this product, there is no waste and is easy to install- perfect for simple quick accent pieces. 

Rustic Barn Doors 

Forever Barnwood has produced one-of-a kind rustic barnwood doors which are perfect for your home or office. With numerous styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect barn door look to fit your style. Each door is a hand built and are one of a kind. They are 2” thick, which means they will never warp. These doors come in a variety of different colors and sizes. 

Forever Barnwood has a wide selection of products, covering all different spectrum of colors, cuts, and styles. This makes it impossible not to find the perfect product for your next build or DIY project. Give us a call if you would like to purchase Forever Barnwood Reclaimed Wood for your next project!