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Forever Barnwood is a family run and owned reclaimed wood company. They have taken all the knowledge they have gained and built out a very well rounded and well-known company. All of their products are made from Wisconsin White Pine and come in a variety of different cuts, shapes, and profiles. They carry products such as dimensional lumber, wall coverings, barn doors, beams and posts, barnwood flooring, and much more. All of their products are high quality and go through a process that covers an extensive checklist of items before anything is ever resold. This is their goal to provide the utmost, highest quality product on the market. Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we couldn’t be more proud to supply Forever Barnwood’s products!

The Owners of Forever Barnwood

Chad Bleeker and Jason Bast are the owners of Forever Barnwood. Chad has a long list of experience when it comes to the construction industry, as he worked as a laborer in Hawaii and eventually worked his way up to owning his own framing business. He also owns a cabinet and general contracting business as well as a millwork business for over 20 years. He is very skilled in the different species of wood and construction design.

Jason served in the United States Navy for 6 years. He completed two tours during the Gulf War. After serving our country, he attended the University of Wisconsin in River Falls to get a degree in economics and math. He has also found a liking for real estate and worked in residential and commercial construction for over 25 years.

The Forever Barnwood Products

Dimensional Lumber

Forever Barnwood’s dimensional lumber is a very versatile product as it can be used for a variety of different ways and purposes. Using dimensional lumber allows you to be able to use your imagination and create whatever masterpiece you want. You can use this lumber for trim, bars, and just about any DIY projects. Forever Barnwood’s dimensional lumber is cow rubbed. This means that an animal (a cow) creates this appearance on the wood from rubbing up against it. This gives each piece a very different and unique look that is hard to recreate. They carry multiple different profiles of this product, so you can use it for countertops if you want a rustic look, floating shelves, and furniture.


Forever barnwood’s dimensional lumber or their specified shiplap can be used as wall coverings. Their 1” and 2” dimensional lumber can be used or their shiplap that comes in 4.25”, 6.25”, and 8.25” in width can be used. They offer a couple different options when it comes to buying wall coverings. The most popular way is to buy a box which comes with everything you need to cover a 25.5 square foot area.

Barn Doors

They are most known for their barn doors. These are becoming more of a staple in homes with designers because of the clean and chic look rather than normal doors. Their inlay designs allow you to customize your barn doors to a certain degree and enhance the design in your home. They over inlay the style of the letter K ,Z , and X as well as a three panel T design. The standard sized door is 3’x7’ which normally fits most door beams. If you need a certain size have no worry, they will custom size make barn doors to fit your project perfectly.


Adding a mantel to your living space instantly gives your room character and depth. Forever Barnwood offers a rich and rustic appearance with their reclaimed wood that will turn your home into a mountain cabin. They offer mantels in a variety of lengths, depths, and thickness. There are many ways you can decorate and implement a mantel into your home- check out their website for more inspiration.

Aside from these select products, Forever Barnwood also carries reclaimed wood flooring, stair parts and beams and posts to add some rustic styling to your home. No matter where you are, you can almost find them everywhere. They have nationwide shipping and work with several different suppliers. Check out their website to get some inspiration and education on their products so you can start your next project today! Interested right now in purchasing some of Forever Barnwood’s products? Give us a call! We supply and sell much of Forever Barnwood’s products.