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Your fence becomes the focal point of your home once it is installed. The curb appeal of your home instantly rises as well as the value and the design. A fence is a functional way to add some aesthetics to your home, while also providing privacy, security, protection, and it acts as a property line. In this article we will be going over some fencing tips and tricks for giving your fence new life.

 There are multiple different styles of fencing, as well as different dimensions and species. No matter your style of fence or the type of material used to build it, natural wear and tear will kick in. After some years, your fence may look a little sad. Not a problem, because here are a few tips and tricks for putting the life back into your fence.

Fencing Tips and Tricks

 Number 1: Replace Rails, Boards or Pickets

 Now, dependent on the type of fence you have you may be replacing a board. This is commonly used as the term for composite or vinyl, a rail for split rail or ranch rail, and a picket for traditional fencing. No matter how durable a product can be, natural age and wear will happen, and it’s normal to find the need to replace a few things here and there. Every so often, especially after a big storm such as wind or hail, you should go through and examine the entirety of your fence. Keep an eye out for splits, cracks, holes, rotting, and warping. All of these things would be a good reason to replace a section of your fence. With rotting and mold, it is vital that you replace the affected piece, so it doesn’t spread to other parts of the fence. You would be amazed how much of a difference replacing a few boards can make to the overall look of your fence!

 Number 2: Restain or Reseal

 Color can do amazing things for the aesthetics of your fence. It can also act as a protectant to damage. If you have previously stained your fence, you will have to touch it up over time as the color fades or chips due to weather. Some homeowners prefer to have the natural wood look and use a transparent sealing product. If this is you, consider resealing to prolong the overall life of your fence. If you have never done either of these things to your fence, you can add stain or sealant whenever you want! Add it ten weeks down the road or 10 years- it doesn’t matter.

 Number 3: Add Some Décor

 Leaving your fence bare with a touch of color is just fine, nothing wrong with being pure. Although, you can add décor to your fence and instantly increase the design of your fence. One idea is adding flower boxes to your fence on the top or along the bottom of your fence to fill in the spaces with color and flowers. You can also be creative and out of the box and paint designs, such as patterns and murals. There is no limit to the things you can do with your fence.

 Number 4: Lighting

 Add lighting to your fence along with another décor from above. Lights are in instant accent piece that can make any space feel warm and cozy, plus they look great. Lighting is useful in the backyard, especially at night, but also for security and being able to see your backyard space from indoors.

We hope you have enjoyed this article with Fencing Tips and Tricks. Like we have repeated time and time again, your fence is a centerpiece of your home. It is the first thing that people see when they drive by, and during the summer nights of entertainment your fence will surround them. Do your home a favor and keep up with the daily and yearly upkeep that comes with a fence, don’t let it rot and warp. Trust us, you won’t regret it! If you need to give your fence some new life by replacing posts and/or pickets, give us a call! We can offer great pricing on all of our fencing materials!