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At the time of writing, there are very few options for purchasing fencing supplies in Colorado Springs. Fencing suppliers actually located in Colorado Springs include Rocky Mountain Forest Products, along with some big box stores such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, Builders FirstSource, etc. Other suppliers require you to drive one or more hours away to get supplies for your fencing project.

At Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we cater to contractors (and DIYers) in several ways:

In the next sections, we’ll dig into each of these points further. Then, we’ll provide a list of fencing suppliers in Colorado Springs and a few options outside of Colorado Springs.

Note: If you’re new to building fences or are building a new fence for your own property, we can help. We can get you in touch with fence installation contractors or you can reach out to our team for guidance.

Rocky Mountain Forest Products offers a wide selection of quality fencing, decking, and siding supplies. Our product experts will help you find the right grade, size, and style for your project — reach out or stop by today


Many lumber yards and big box stores follow a traditional distribution process that looks like this:

Mill > Remanufacturing Facility > Distributor > Lumber Yard/Retailer > Contractors/ Public

Rocky Mountain Forest Products purchases products directly from the mill, so our distribution process looks like this:

Mill > Rocky Mountain Forest Products > You

Cutting out the middlemen comes with multiple benefits, including:

  • Cost-savings: By cutting out several steps of the supply chain, we’re able to purchase higher quality products for a lower price. We pass these cost-savings on to you.
  • Fast availability: Many fencing companies only carry a small supply of any given material and then order more if you need it. While they may be able to order more fairly quickly, you won’t be able to walk out with the material you need. Rocky Mountain Forest Products always has a large supply of materials on hand, so most of our customers get what they need with one visit.
  • Consistent quality: Wholesalers will often lump multiple grades of wood together and sell it for one price. This means you’ll sometimes be over paying for lower quality wood and you won’t know the specific quality of wood you’re getting. By buying directly from the mill, we know exactly what we’re getting and we sell each piece of wood according to its true value.
  • Wide selection and custom options: While many distributors will only offer a small selection of fencing materials (e.g., length, quality, style), we have a wide selection of fencing products on-hand and can support your specific design and build needs. The flexibility and option for custom fence products is particularly useful if you’re dealing with a homeowners association (HOA).


Having the ability to choose the quality of your fencing material can be the difference between winning or losing a contract.

For example, let’s say a potential client is asking for a high-end privacy fence. If you’re able to ensure that there will be minimal to no visual defects, you will likely win the bid over another contractor who can’t ensure that level of quality.

Or, if you’re building a fence for a dog park, the potential client is likely less concerned with visual defects and is more focused on price. By choosing a lower grade wood, you’ll be able to offer a low price.

At Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we offer three grades of fencing:

  1. Rustic
  2. Standard
  3. Premium

Rusic grade, as shown below, will have more visual defects (e.g., check marks, knots, pecking) than the other two and is therefore available for the lowest price.

Rustic Grade

Standard grade, as shown below, will have some visual defects but less than the rustic grade, and is the grade you’ll typically get with big box stores. With the standard grade, you can usually hide defects with rails or by turning the post in the right direction.

Standard Grade

Premium grade, as shown below, will be visually appealing on all four sides.

Premium Grade

Not only do we put control over the quality of wood in your hands, but we get to know the project and offer additional recommendations to help you win the bid. For example, we may recommend a slightly different fence style that will require less materials if price is a concern.

Plus, if a client wants to see the material you’ll be using before deciding on a style, you can send them to our showroom. We’ll gladly show them the product options they can consider for their project, answer any questions, and help you close the deal.

Note: We also help DIYers choose the right lumber for their project, estimate how much different types of fencing will cost, understand how easy or difficult different types of fencing will be to install, and more.

Fencing Supplies

Sometimes pressure treated pine is recommended for fencing because it protects against rot. However, heat is a bigger concern than rot in dry climates like Colorado, so we recommend cedar fencing products.

When exposed to dry heat, pressure treated pine will warp and crack to the point that its structural integrity is affected and it’s less visually appealing. On the other hand, cedar fencing will withstand the dry heat with minimal warping or cracking. Cedar also naturally protects against rot and insect damage.

Another important note is that some wood is stained to look like cedar, and therefore is labeled as cedar fencing, when in reality it is pressure treated pine. So, it’s important to carefully check and learn about the product you’re actually getting.

Rocky Mountain Forest Products clearly labels every product according to its true nature.

We offer a wide selection of fencing materials for:

  • Privacy fences
  • Post and dowel fences
  • Split rail fences
  • Ranch rail fences

Here’s what some of these fencing options can look like: 

Privacy Fences:

Privacy Fence example options

Post and Dowel Fences:

Post and Dowel Fence example options

Split Rail Fences:

Split Rail Fence example options

Ranch Rail Fences:

Ranch Rail Fence example options

You can get any length, width, etc. that you need for each of these styles.

We can also partner with Ameristar Fencing to offer iron and metal fencing (e.g., security fencing).

Finally, we’re a one-stop shop for all fencing supplies, including nails, screws, staples, post sleeves, post caps, stain, and weld wire (which can be added to open design fences to keep small animals in).


Many employees at big box stores have limited knowledge of the wood products they’re selling. On the other hand, all employees at Rocky Mountain Forest Products have intimate knowledge of each product we sell.

With nearly 50 years of experience working with contractors to find the right product, we can answer any questions you have. We can also help you find ways to reduce costs, improve the final outcome of the project, and more.

Here are two testimonials of customers who were happy with our service and products:

“Excellent communication about availability, pricing, and delivery logistics. We bought 650 ft of 10 ft long split rail fence and are very satisfied with the quality.” — K.D.

“The 700 ft of cedar split rail fencing that I purchased from RMFP looks absolutely AWESOME! I couldn’t find any attractive split rail fencing anywhere else.” —  Colorado P.

Reach out or stop by to see how we can help you get the fencing supplies you need.

7 Fencing Supply Options In and Near Colorado Springs

Fencing Suppliers in Colorado Springs

1. Rocky Mountain Forest Products: We offer any type of cedar or pine fencing that you need in three different grades and iron fencing. We’re located in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Arvada.

2. Lowe’s: They offer a decent selection of natural wood materials for picket fences such as square fence posts, pickets, and decorative caps. If you’re looking for a post and dowel style of fence, the options are much more limited. Lowe’s also offers vinyl, composite fencing, and chain link fencing.

3. Home Depot: Their wood fence material selection is similar to Lowe’s, however, you will also find additional materials that are more for landscaping than functionality at Home Depot such as bamboo fencing and Eucalyptus logs.

4. Builders FirstSource: They offer lattice and lathe fencing with a focus on pressure treated lumber. However, they also offer some cedar products.

Fencing Suppliers Outside of Colorado Springs

5. Centennial Fence: They’re located in Brighton, CO and offer cedar, Trex, iron and aluminum, chain link, and PVC fencing. For cedar fencing, they offer seven width and depth combinations of dimensional lumber (of custom lengths), four styles of pickets, and two grades.

6. Cedar Supply: They’re located in Fort Collins, CO and advertise the ability to help find any fencing material you need. They also mention that they pride themselves on only working with manufacturers who provide high quality products.

7. High Country Fence: They’re located in Colorado City, CO and sell retail and wholesale fence materials. They offer very few specifics about those materials on their website, however, they do mention fence pipe.

For nearly 50 years, Rocky Mountain Forest Products has been helping contractors and DIYers cut costs, improve the quality of their project and more. To see how we can help you with your project, reach out or stop by today