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Far gone are the days when wood was the only option for fencing material. Today homeowners can choose from multiple materials. Not only will these fencing material options protect your home, they will also add to the visual appeal.

Most Common Fencing Material Options

Below are some of the most available fencing material possibilities:

  • Vinyl – If you are looking for a low maintenance and trustworthy fencing materials vinyl is a great choice. Vinyl fencing is very resilient to the elements and is overall pretty sturdy. Although they do show dirt they are super easy to clean. Vinyl fencing is also a smart choice around hot tubs, pools, or outdoor showers.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum fencing is a top choice among homeowners with pets large and small. It will keep animals enclosed without the risk of splintering leaving sharp points or edges exposed. Even though aluminum fence will not rot it will need some care to prevent rust and other damage from the environment.
  • Wood – The most traditional type of fence that is most commonly used for privacy is wood. It is reliable and sturdy and will keep pets and children enclosed. Wood fencing does require maintenance especially if you like it stained. You will most likely only need to stain your fence once a year. Stain keeps your wood fence looking fresh and new and will protect it against the elements.
  • Chain Link – A lot of people are turned off by chain link for residential fencing. However, today there is actually some pretty appealing chain link fence available. A chain link fence can last up to 20 years if installed correctly. It offers the same protection and restrictions as other fencing materials without blocking the view in or out of your yard. Modern-day chain link fence is coated and constructed in a better way to hide sharp exposed ends of the metal to prevent injury to children or pets.
  • Wrought Iron – Ornamental wrought iron fences add security and beauty to any yard. Modern technology and highly trained craftsmanship have made wrought iron a popular choice among homeowners. Since it can take decades to affect the integrity of wrought iron it is a good choice if you are looking for something with longevity. One of the only things to threaten a wrought iron fence is rust. However, you can easily protect your wrought iron by applying a rust inhibitor.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo fencing is starting to make its ways to the top of the fencing material market. As one of the most environmentally friendly fencing material choices (because it is a natural product) many homeowners are switching to bamboo over other fencing materials. There are three common types of bamboo fencing: live bamboo, bamboo cane, and rolled bamboo. When making a selection take your climate in mind.

Choosing what type of fencing material to use is very important. Not only do you want your fence to provide function like security and privacy, you want it to add to the look of your home!