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Your fence is the focal point of your backyard space, which means the design of it is very important. There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to designing your fence. You have to think about the style of fence you want, the type of material, the color, and how you want the pickets to be set. All of these things make your fence unique to your home. In this blog we will be breaking down different styles, colors, and materials of fencing, and focusing specifically on Trex Fencing.

The Material of The Fence

When it comes to fencing materials, there is wood, composite, vinyl, wire, and metal material to choose from for your fence. Each material has their pros and cons. For example, wood is typically suitable for any climate, but some species of wood may not last as long, and eventually, posts or pickets will need to be replaced. Wire and metal have more pros than they have cons, because they last forever and have zero to no maintenance required-but they are usually more expensive. Composite, on the other hand, has minimal cons and more pros, it is very affordable and easy to install while lasting for years with little maintenance needed!

When it comes to companies that carry composite fencing, Trex is a well-known brand that is known for being affordable, easy to work with, and has the resources to assist in your fence building.

The Color of The Trex Fencing

The fun part of designing your fence is that you can make it whatever color you want. Most people think that your fence has to be all one color, but that is not the case. Trex has multiple designs that they use as an inspiration to customers and a few of them involve multiple colored fences with colors that contrast and create a unique look. When using wood to build a fence, you tend to naturally get a contrast in color from the different shades of colors in the wood. When using composite, you get one solid shade, so you have to be creative. A way you can use different colors with Trex composite is to do a darker colored post with lighter pickets or vice versa and do lighter posts with darker pickets. Either one of these combinations would give off a modern and one of a kind look that homeowners are drawn to.

Aside from the contrast in color, the general color scheme for your fence, whether it’s one solid color or multiple colors, is also something to pay attention to. The color of exterior siding on your home and your fence color go hand in hand and help give your home the ultimate curbside appeal. While you don’t have to use a color for your fence that flows with your siding, it is a good thing to consider.

Overall Design and Layout Of Your Fence

With Trex Fencing, you can lay out your posts in a multitude of different ways. You can go the traditional route and have the average 8-10 pickets on each panel that are straight up and down, or you can switch it up and have your pickets horizontal which is a different and modern look. The other option is to have less than 8-10 pickets per panel to create a different look. Of course, if you want to get a little creative and have a design you want to try and recreate, tell your contractor through Trex and see what they say, anything is possible!

Additional Trex Fencing Add On’s

Once your fence is installed and is complete, there are things you can add on to your Trex fence that will enhance the overall look and value of your fence. Trex offers multiple different add on’s, such as lighting and post caps that will give a more high-end look.

Your fence, like mentioned before, is the overall focal point of your home. It works alongside your exterior to provide a curb appeal for your home that grabs people’s attention when they are visiting your home. This is also helpful for potential home buyers and realtors when you go to sell it. A fence is an effortless thing that can benefit a home in a healthy way, which is why your fence should be built with an affordable, high quality material such as Trex Fencing! If you would like to utilize Trex Fencing for your next fence project, give us a call! We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!