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If you have small children, you probably currently have or would like to have a fun and functional Outdoor play area for them. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take weekend to build!

Whether you have a small or large yard you can make an outdoor play area that your children will love!

The key to enclosing the play area is a functional fence. There are a lot of creative ways in which to accomplish this. Not only will the fence the surrounds your backyard play area keep animals and unwanted guests out, it can also provide protection for your children when they are inside.

There are several things to consider before you choose what type of fence you want for your outdoor play area. As we stated before you not only want it to look great but you want it to be functional as well.

Safety for Your Outdoor Play Area

No matter what amazing toys or structures you put inside your outdoor play areas kids will often gravitate to the fence.

  • You will want to choose a safe fence material that is smooth and free of sharp jagged edges. Therefore, a wood fence is probably not the best choice. A smoother material like aluminum, vinyl, or wrought iron will be safer.


Another thing to think about when choosing a fence for your backyard play area is the fact that all kids love to climb. Climbing on anything especially a fence creates a huge falling hazard.

The best way to combat this is to use a smooth material, build a tall fence, and do not put any horizontal rails up.

Outdoor Play Area & Security

  • Make sure that your fence design is such that provides you with clear sight lines into the play area. It is crucial that you are always able to see your children to be aware of any injuries that happen at a moments notice.
  • Even though your children are not tall you will want to build a fence that it is. In some cases, your yard may not be enclosed. By building a 5- foot fence or higher you will prevent someone from being able to reach over and grab your child.


Aside from safety and function you want the fence around your outdoor play area to blend in with your current landscape and be visually appealing.

Vinyl, aluminum, and metal fences are quite beautiful and will give your entire yard a finished look.

You don’t have to sacrifice visual appeal for performance.

Backyard play areas can be a welcome addition to your yard and will bring your children hours of enjoyment while giving you piece of mind. The fence that you choose for your play area is just as important as the toys you will fill it with. Get in touch with us if you would like to build a fence for your outdoor play area!