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Yet another Colorado summer has come and gone, and it’s finally time to start preparing for the fall season ahead. With the changing of the leaves and cooler weather approaching, it’s the perfect time to accentuate curb appeal and make any last-minute adjustments to the look of your home. Fall is truly the best time to get your home in order before the holiday season, don’t wait to boost your fall curb appeal.

Foliage Arch

One of the most classic additions for autumn is fall-colored foliage. Whether this comes in the form of an arched doorway or even slung along a fence, it is a staple. The easiest way to accomplish this look is with fake foliage from a craft store, mesh or other forms of wiring, and glue. Lay out the shape you’d like to achieve with the mesh and attach the foliage where needed. It’s an easy craft for a weekend project or kids looking for a festive fall activity. 

Custom Wreath

Similarly to the foliage arch, a custom wreath with seasonal flowers, leaves, or even straw can bring so much life to the entrance of a home. Pair it with a trendy fall welcome mat and you have curb appeal that takes less than a minute. Wreaths are also a great accent for adding personal touches such as family names, pictures, or custom lights. These are a great item to match to the foliage arch to really make a statement in your neighborhood.

Strung Outdoor Lights

It’s no secret that outdoor lighting can make or break a home’s curb appeal. Outdoor lights that are carefully strung across the open space of a yard attached to a house add functional and aesthetic appeal. Autumn nights can get dark early and it’s never been more important to have lighting to help guide you to and from your home. Not to mention, outdoor lighting adds a sparkly quality and brilliant atmosphere to enjoy. Lights are always in-season, and are the perfect touch to get your holiday spirits ready.

Powerwash The Existing Area

Nothing gets a yard ready for a cold season quite like washing off the debris of the previous warm one. Over time, our outdoor structures can get incredibly dirty from dust and other elements coming into contact with them daily. A quick powerwash can have your home looking like new in no time. Whether it’s your driveway in need of a wash or even the surface of a fence, power washing is an easy and transformative curb appeal boost.

Fall Color Bouquets

As we previously mentioned, fall colors are everything when it comes to autumn curb appeal accents. If a wreath or foliage arch aren’t quite your thing, fall bouquets are an easy accent to add virtually anywhere. Bouquets are the perfect hint of fall to warmly welcome you and your guests into your home. 

Pumpkins And Gourds

Is it really fall if there aren’t pumpkins and gourds lined up at your entrance? These items are easily purchased all-over from the months of September to December and are usually fairly affordable. They really add the perfect amount of fall accent and color to liven up any home. 

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