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No mountain home is complete without exterior siding showcasing the natural tones and raw beauty that wood has to offer. One of the best exterior siding profiles to display on a home is tongue and groove. Beyond its beautiful curb appeal, tongue and groove siding has so much functional value to offer to your home. For those of us living in Colorado, tongue and groove exterior siding is an absolute must.

Best Tongue And Groove Materials

When it comes to a solid tongue and groove material that you can depend on, there are so many great options out there. The biggest consideration you’ll have to make is where your home is located. For Colorado residents, a siding material that is weather resistant, holds up well in fluctuating temperatures, and is built to-code for its specific area.

One of our top recommendations for tongue and groove siding is cedar. Cedar tends to be the industry standard when it comes to finding a material that is reliable and long lasting in a Colorado climate. Cedar siding comes in many forms, but tongue and groove continues to be some of the most popular given its natural finish and durability unlike any other.

Another great siding option to consider is beetle kill pine. Beetle kill pine tongue and groove siding is perfect for anyone in search of a ‘wow’ factor for the exterior of their home. For those who are unfamiliar, beetle kill pine displays gorgeous patterns of grayish blues and stunning knots across its surface. Each siding board is entirely one of a kind. Not only are these birds beautiful, but when sealed correctly, will last decades.

If natural wood tongue and groove isn’t your thing, there are also many composite materials built to resemble the classic T&G profile. While composite siding may look artificial, it sure does stand up well against harsh environments and unprecedented climates. There are even some options that closely resemble natural wood to give homeowners the best of both worlds.

What Makes The T&G Profile Shape Special?

Beyond materials, the next-most important aspect of siding to consider is its shape. Tongue and groove materials have long been proven to combat a myriad of weather and stay functional for decades. The tongue and groove shape allows for minimal external debris and water to seep through to the home’s surface. This design has been used for centuries and is one of the most dependable when it comes to siding profiles.

Another huge perk of tongue and groove siding materials is their seamless installation process. Not only is this a durable and reliable option, it’s also extremely easy to install and replace boards as needed. This will save homeowners a ton of money down the road if any issues are to present themselves. 

As always, when it comes to maintenance, the best offense is a good defense. Making any repairs as they come up and regularly cleaning and/or sealing the surface of your boards will go a long way. 

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