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With home prices on the rise, it has never been a better time to invest in your own property. A potential housing bubble in 2022 may lead many homeowners to wait a while before buying new properties. Instead, upgrading existing properties to be worth more later on has become more prevalent. And that starts with curb appeal.

Of course everyone wants a beautiful interior to their home, but when it comes time to sell— curb appeal is the first impression for any buyer. It’s well-worth the investment. With a few simple upgrades, the exterior of any home can be market-ready in no time.

Front Door Arbor

An arbor that hangs over a front door is not only aesthetically pretty, but it’s also quite functional and will provide more than good looks. For those that live in areas with a lot of rain or snow, an arbor provides the perfect shelter to get out your keys or phone. It’s always beneficial to have one area that stays relatively drier than the rest. 

You could also add an arbor on the back doors or windows for an added exterior flair. Bonus points if they all match to add a cohesive design to the overall home. Arbors are practical and stylish. Not to mention, these structures are affordable and easy to install.

Reclaimed Wood Shutters

Window shutters are less common nowadays with more modern designs and sleek looks. But we have seen in recent years that there has been a resurgence in this trend. Shutters are one of those things that are generally just added as cosmetic features, but can also be functional if you’d prefer. 

With a simple installation of a few boards of charming, reclaimed wood, your home’s exterior will be looking great in no time. There are also other varieties of these products, but reclaimed wood is generally preferred for its rustic design and classic appeal.


Soffit is a hidden gem that more homeowners should take advantage of in the design of their exteriors. Soffit can come in the form of virtually any kind of real or faux wood and adds so much dimension to a space. There’s nothing better than seeing details of thoughtful design as you approach the entrance of a home. It’s small installments like soffit that make a home stand out from the crowd.

Light Features

The importance of light features on the exterior of a home can’t be stressed enough. For any property, whether it’s on the market or not, lighting is a key element to setting your home apart. Potential buyers can swing by your property at any point of the day, be sure to make a statement that they won’t forget.

Lighting can easily be added to the exterior siding of a home or within the landscape that surrounds it. We also recommend including light features to accentuate your mailbox or address number to inform guests or buyers exactly where they are.

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