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Decking In Denver will never be the same.

We are slowly moving, each minute and day into the future. There are a lot of changes that come with approaching the future. New technologies, new methods of energy and transportation and entertainment. But, most people, when they imagine the future, don’t consider the future of decking. The future of decking in Denver is most notably taking shape, and changing the industry for more decking changes to come.

I know. You probably thought, how much can you change a deck?

But believe me… a lot.

Here are a few changes you can expect due to new companies and innovations in the decking in Denver. They will shape the amount of time and effort we put into deck renovations. The amount we spend on renovations. The longevity of our outdoor spaces, and the materials used.

Fireproof Decking

No one ever believes a fire will happen to them or their home. But in places like Colorado where there is intense heat at high altitude, less rain, and tons of wildfires…  fireproof decking in Denver doesn’t sound so crazy. Especially when you consider how many barbecues you want to have on your deck.

Sigma Dek is paving the way in the decking industries future. This deck is made of ceramic tiles and an aluminum structure for support, strength, durability, resistance, and longevity. It is scratch-resistant, fire-proof, and stronger than any deck out there. It can handle impressive loads. It’s incredibly easy to clean and requires much less maintenance than a traditional deck… and you can add radiant heat so you never have to shovel your deck again.

Expect To See Big Changes In Decking In Denver In The New Year

source: sigmadek.com

New Customizations

Some say a deck is just a deck. Well, for a long time that was true. But now people are getting more creative. The customization options are changing, like this cable railing by Fortress Railing.

You can add different lighting, storage, cup holders, designs, etc. Add a built in garden or seating, or maybe a fire pit.

Expect To See Big Changes In Decking In Denver In The New Year

source: houzz.com

Expect To See Big Changes In Decking In Denver In The New Year

source: style-files.com

Types of Composites

Composites have been a good option for a lot of people who want fewer splinters and a smoother finish, with no fading and no staining required. Well, now even composites are getting an upgrade. There has always been a controversy with composites in how they are made. But as we gear up for a greener future, composites have transformed as well. They are now being made out of recycled materials, as well as materials such as bamboo.

Expect To See Big Changes In Decking In Denver In The New Year

source: houzz.com

As we move into the future you will see more and more changes in decking in Denver, and everywhere else for that matter. You will see crazier designs with more personality, and other materials being used as well. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for any changes in the industry, and we’ll always let you in on what’s coming up next.

For more information on innovative as well as traditional decking, check out Rocky Mountain Forest Products.

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