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With the summer season quickly approaching, now is the best time to get your outdoor spaces in order. One of the most popular options in Colorado when it comes to decking is exotic hardwoods. These beautiful boards not only add tremendous appeal to any deck, but they also offer a high quality product that is certain to stand the test of time. With their almost complete lack of knots and flawless appearance, exotic hardwoods are notorious for their ease of maintenance and natural resistance to decay. For those living in the Colorado area, this is especially desirable given our unpredictable climate and weather extremes.

Rocky Mountain Forest Products is proud to offer the widest selection of exotic hardwoods in the state of Colorado. With 5 breathtaking options to choose from, you can turn your Denver deck into a tropical oasis in no time. If you’re on the fence about which exotic decking option to choose, here’s a bit more insight into the incredible benefits that this material can provide for you.


Starting off strong with an all-around customer favorite, Ipe decking is as stunning as it is practical for everyday use. Also known as Brazilian Walnut, this material is one of the highest quality woods on the market and is built to last. When compared to cedar, Ipe is 3 times as hard. For DIYers this can pose a problem due to the tools needed to cut and manage this material. But for those with the equipment and will to work for it, Ipe decking is well-worth it. 

Not only is Ipe a superior product in the decking industry in terms of its natural beauty, but it also provides many functional benefits to your outdoor spaces. Ipe is resistant to mold, decay, scratches, pests, and is one of the highest rated woods on the fire resistance scale. It’s a completely natural product with no added chemicals and is all-around one of the best weather-upholding woods offered for the state of Colorado. If you’re undecided on which wood is best for you, Ipe is always a safe bet and a customer favorite.


Garapa is known for its durability and high density when compared to other decking materials available. It originates from Central and South America and is beloved worldwide for its natural beauty. Garapa has blonde undertones and is much lighter than Ipe, but when stained it is almost indistinguishable. This exotic hardwood is resistant to harsh weather, can combat insects and other pests, and does well against mold and decay. Also, Garapa is one of the few materials that should remain looking and performing like new for up to 30 years without added preservatives. For those looking to cut costs, Garapa comes at about half the price of Ipe and performs almost the same.It’s one of the most reliable options out there, and definitely worth your consideration for a high-end deck that will last for decades.

Fijian Mahogany

When it comes to exotic decking in the Denver area, Mahogany is the number one choice among customers. With its one-of-a-kind coloring and natural tropical beauty, it’s no wonder why Fijian Mahogany is so widely loved. In comparison to Ipe and Garapa, Mahogany is much easier for builders to work with due to its straight grain and availability. The colors of Mahogany’s heartwood ranges from light pink to pale brown with deep red streaks and has a yellow and brown undertone for sapwood. It is an unmistakable wood sure to add beauty and warmth to any deck space. 

Although Fijian Mahogany is one of the softer options for exotic hardwoods, it is still considerably more durable than softwoods such as cedar and redwood. Mahogany is known as a ‘clear’ wood meaning that it is free of knots and other cosmetic flaws; making it a great material for a seamless deck look. 

Red Balau

Red Balau, also known as Batu Wood, is a beautiful and durable exotic hardwood originating from Indonesia. As the name suggests, Red Balau has a brilliant red coloring and dark undertones of warm brown. It’s sure to give your deck all of the tropical vibes you’re looking for. It is good to note, however, this wood tends to have more oil than others and it’s necessary to seal it regularly to maintain that rich red coloring. When left untreated, this wood typically will start to turn a silvery gray. Red Balau is one of the more affordable options for exotic hardwoods and is often compared to teak. Overall, Red Balau is a highly sought after material given its weather resistant capabilities and bang for your buck.


Last but not least, we have the beautiful Tigerwood. Tigerwood, also referred to as Brazilian Koa, is one of the highest quality exotic woods available for customers. Due to its name, you can imagine the red and orange tones with golden undertones that this wood presents. Tigerwood is naturally resistant to rot and decay and should last up to 30 years without any added preservatives. Although Tigerwood tends to be a pricier option, its durability and longevity make it the cheaper option for those looking to save in the long run. Tigerwood remains one of our most popular options at Rocky Mountain Forest Products because of its beautiful appearance and unique tropical flare. It’s a one of a kind material and is sure to elevate the design and functionality of your deck to the next level.