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An equestrian center’s main purpose is to accommodate, train, and show horses using split rail fence. They are also commonly referred to as barns, stables, and riding halls. These facilities that use split rail fence also house other activities like riding lessons and boarding and often times even have their own vet.

Aside from the main facilities, these centers commonly have thousands of acres available for horses to graze and relax amid split rail fence.

There are several equestrian centers using split rail fence across the state. Here are a couple that you may already be familiar with!

Equestrian Centers: Ken Caryl Ranch

One of Denver’s most well-known equestrian centers using split rail fence is located in Ken Caryl Ranch. Nestled in the foot hills of Ken Caryl Valley it has historic splendor. The grounds offer two fully groomed arenas surrounded by split rail fence for the convenience of its visitors. Outside of the confines of the split rail fence, riders can enjoy 4800 acres of Colorado open space and over 25 miles of trails.

You don’t have to be a rider to step food inside the split rail fence. Anyone can stroll the grounds and view any of the equestrian activities taking place.

Equestrian Centers: Temple Grandin at CSU

Another well-known and soon to be renowned equestrian facility using split rail fence is Temple Grandin at CSU. This equestrian center using split rail fence is home of a new program of animal assisted therapy and research. Clients from all over Colorado and surrounding states come to step inside the split rail fence of Temple Grandin for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. The horses are a unique tool that get these clients to do things they can’t do in their everyday environments. Many parents vocally attest to the miracles that they have witnessed inside the split rail fence of the university clinic.

The doctors and directors feel that the therapeutic elements they are using are unique to this center. What happens inside the split rail fence is revolutionary.

Equestrian Centers: Blue Roof Equestrian Center

Blue Roof Equestrian Center located in Lafayette, Colorado is another picturesque place in Denver that offers services within split rail fences.

They specialize in the art of dressage, trail ride training, indoor arena activities, and boarding using split rail fence.

Located on 40-acres Blue Roof prides itself of helping everyone from the experienced rider to hobby riders to experience their passion inside their split rail fences.

Blue Roof is well-known for truly caring about the well-being of every horse they work with. They have achieved this reputation by making sure that horses have a wide variety of activities to do within the split rail fence. These activities include trail riding, ground work, quadrille, and even herding cattle inside the split rail fence.

Equestrian centers using split rail fence are not only a beautiful place to visit for horse enthusiasts but for those that just love animals and the outdoors. These are just a couple of the larger equestrian centers using split rail fence in Denver. Next time you drive by one take a moment to appreciate the many acres of green land using split rail fence to house some of the cities most amazing horses. If you would like to learn more about split rail fencing and it’s use cases, or if you are interested in installing split rail fencing as a part of your next project, get in touch with us! We proudly offer wholesale pricing to the public, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have!