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If you read Part One of Easy Home Improvements you can do around the house to enhance the look, feel, and functionality, then you’re probably here because you’re ready for more. If you’re just tuning in, welcome to the ultimate guide on easy home improvements you can use to improve your home’s style and design, as well as the everyday use and functionality of your home. Continue reading to gain more inspiration on home improvement ideas!

Adding New Accessories

In Part One of Easy Home Improvements, we focused a lot of the design and the organization of your home. Now, we are going to talk about ways to improve your daily life while also adding a chic and modern new look to your home. The first idea is to add new accessories around your house. For example, in your kitchen you could add a new spice rack, towel rack, soap dispenser, or cookbook holder to make cooking in your kitchen more fun. In your bathroom, you could add a makeup mirror with a white light for better application, a vanity organizer or even new faucets or shower heads! Basically, go through each room in your house and think about ways you can add accessories to help you in your daily routine.

Front Entry Upgrade

Your front entry is the first thing you and most people see when they come visit your home. Improve your entryway by adding organization for shoes, such as a hutch or baskets with a bench to help with putting your shoes on. A hook for your coats, sweaters, purses, and backpacks is an easy way to keep your home looking clean but still being stylish. Of course, don’t forget the pictures. Add some family pictures and some greenery to give visitors a homey feel as soon as they walk in.

Add A Kitchen Island

Now this probably sounds like a very complicated home improvement, but it can be very easy and simple. If you are lacking counter space in your kitchen and have room for an island, you can add one with no hassle. If you have an old dresser or table that is taking up space in your extra bedroom or garage, sand it down, paint it a color you love and add some stone or wood as a top and there you go! You can use the drawers as storage for pots and pans, towels, spices and more while gaining much more counter space. If done well, this can transform your kitchen in the blink of an eye.

Have a Place for Everything?

One of the main things that can make a home feel messy and cluttered is not having a place for everything. With little ones around, stuff gets left all over the house and it’s a struggle to keep things organized. Consider having a basket in each room for the random things that need to be put away whether it be in your room, your kid’s room, and so on. This way, when your basket fills up you can carry the basket and put everything in its corresponding place. You can also turn one of your spare closets into an all uses closet with a cart for arts and crafts, a cart for cleaning, and a cart for electronics. Every time you need a specific cart, you can wheel it out and then wheel it back and everything still stays together.

Have a Professional Come In

The last and final thing you can do in your home to keep your home clean, welcoming, and stress free is every so often have a professional come clean your tile or wood floors or clean your rugs and carpet. This way you protect your family from germs and bacteria, while leaving your home sparkling clean with no dirt anywhere to be found.

Obviously, these are not the only things you can do in your home and neither is Part One: Easy Home Improvements. Like we mentioned, your home is where your family lives, grows, and goes about daily life. If you need to adjust based on your family, make the adjustments and thrive off your freshly cleaned, designed, and styled home.