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A privacy fence isn’t just a fence, when you add a little extra.

Fencing, especially a privacy fence, can come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. Whatever material your fence is made of though, more than likely you’re building it for function, not art. We put them up because our houses are too close to each other and the roads. Because we want security and protection for our families, pets, and valuables. We put them up because we want to be able to sit in our backyard without feeling like we are surrounded by other people. In essence, we want privacy.

The fact remains,putting up a fence can be expensive. Thus, there tend to be fewer bells and whistles. If you’re putting in a new fence, or upgrading an old one, there are a lot of things you can do to make a boring fence into an extraordinary decoration.


Garden Wall

One of the simplest and most beautiful ways to dress up a privacy fence is to add plants. Doing this doesn’t require a built in garden such as the ones in the fence below. In fact, as beautiful as the gardens are below, your fence can often look even better with detachable planters. It doesn’t take much. Attach hooks for hanging planters, planter boxes, or even set up a garden at the foot of the fence with climbing vines. The vines will eventually cover the entirety of the fence. Making it feel less like an enclosure and more like a secret garden.

Ways To Dress Up Your Privacy Fence

source: homedesignlover.com


Stringing lights or hanging lanterns across your fence is a great way to add a little flare to an other wise boring fence. It’s also, of course, a way to light up your backyard for great outdoor entertaining. Or, to keep an eye on pets or kids playing outside in the late evening hours. It just gives your yard that touch of personality that a plain privacy fence lacks.

Ways To Dress Up Your Privacy Fence

source: hometalk.com


Adding carved pieces of wood to turn your fence into an art piece is one of the most beautiful ways to transition your fence from plain to amazing. Frame it on either side with trees or plants, maybe even a full garden. This is a very low maintenance way to keep your fence looking amazing year round.

Ways To Dress Up Your Privacy Fence

A Pergola

As you can see, lining your fence with a garden is a very popular way of changing the look of your fence/ yard. Below you can see that the entire fence is lined with a pergola-like trellis’ that lead to a full on pergola hanging over a patio at the end. A stone walkway taking you on a journey through the garden, leading up to the pergola. Doing this gives you room for a garden. you can use the pergola to grow hanging flowers or fruits like strawberries and blueberries, vines or herbs. You have a lot of room to grow when you give your plants a vertical option like a pergola to line the fence.

Ways To Dress Up Your Privacy Fence

source: bhg.com

Garden Boxes

I know, another garden. But if you’re noticing, the options for gardening along your privacy fence are plentiful. Doing this, you are using up the narrow space alongside your house. As well as giving your fence reinforcement against wind and other elements that could make the structure weaker. You’re retaining the space in your yard by keeping the garden at the edges, which is also using up otherwise likely unused space. Besides, it simply looks better to add a garden.

Ways To Dress Up Your Privacy Fence

source: grit.com

If you’re not the gardening type, consider the other options such as lighting and art. Or, you could add climbing vines, since these don’t require maintenance. The point is, don’t leave your fence looking plain. Don’t keep your yard looking like just another closed in space, transform your fence.


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