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Pergolas are breathtaking additions that can completely transform outdoor spaces and add so much value to the entirety of your home. Whether you’d like to build one yourself or hire help, there are so many creative ways to showcase these stunning structures. 

Classic Design

We all know and love them, classic pergolas are a customer favorite and a timeless design sure to bring life and interest into any property. A classic pergola has 4 tall posts and a lattice top design. Pergolas are great for adding dimension to a hang out area or dining space. They clearly identify the areas of an outdoor space and are great for expanding the indoor-outdoor living design. 

Although they don’t provide too much shade or protection from the elements, they allow some light to seep through the cracks— creating a beautiful and warm look for all those underneath to enjoy. For those concerned about their furniture possibly getting wet or exposed to too much sunlight, you can even add a tarp layer or extra wood over the top to fully protect your pergola area. When it comes to the classic design of pergolas, there’s no limit to the features you can add and designs that you can achieve for this stunning structure.

Rustic Appeal

For those hoping for a more rustic look, there are a lot of ways you can implement this into your pergola design. One of the most popular options for a rustic pergola is using timbers for your posts and top area. This log cabin look is great for that old world charm and is usually not too difficult to build yourself. This look is similar to Lincoln Logs and is great for properties that want an enchanted look; especially for those that allow vines and wildlife to grow around it.

Two Post Pergolas

Two post pergolas are a popular option in smaller spaces or for those that want the addition of a pergola but don’t want it to be the main focal point of their outdoor space. Two post pergolas are great for hanging hammocks underneath or for directly above a table. Many homeowners also love to install two post pergolas right above the entrance to their garages or front doors. They’re an easy installation that can add so much to the curb appeal and value of a home.

Pergolas With Plants or Lights

This is a super easy DIY project for those with existing pergolas hoping to elevate the look of their structures even more. Wrapping lights around the posts and roof of your pergola is a great way to make a beautiful scene from when night time rolls around. Is there really anything better than warm nights outside enjoying time with friends and family? Lights just make this special time all the better! In addition to lights, adding plants or vines to your pergola is an easy project and fun to watch over time. Whether you want to plant things to grow at the base of your posts and wait or install the already-grown plants to your pergola, this is a simple and breathtaking way to improve the look of your structures. 

Modern Design

With popular design changing so much in recent years, it’s no secret that many homeowners love the look of a modern home. And what better way to add to your home’s current design than to install a modern pergola. Modern pergolas are essentially the same build as classic pergolas but many of our customers like to use sleeker materials with sharper edges. Instead of allowing the ends of the pergolas roof to hang over, many modern pergolas are one solid cube-like structure, connecting at every end. When it comes to modern pergolas, there are so many different designs and build plans for you to choose from.

Circular Pergolas

A really interesting and fun idea for pergolas is to make them circular. Almost giving off the appearance of a gazebo, circular pergolas are great for covering dining areas, hot tubs, or even just a casual seating area to relax in the sunshine. These are great features for those who really would like their pergola to stand out and not be hidden into the existing design of the home. They have become quite popular in recent years and customers love their elegance and ability to bring people together from wherever they may be in an outdoor space.

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