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Discount lumber Denver | Save hundreds by picking through our discount lot.

If you’re a homeowner, house flipper, or DIY’er, you know what it’s like to spent hundreds and thousands on your home. Whether it be for renovations, upgrades, or decor- these projects can get expensive… if you don’t know where to go. Finding discount lumber in Denver is as simple as walking through the discount lot at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, where you can find thick wood beams for mantels, tongue and groove siding, and quality decking materials- all at reduced rates. Sometimes these materials can be discounted by 50% or more.

How can we discount our lumber by so much?

As a wholesaler, we occasionally have an oversupply of materials. This could be from returns or a customer over ordered materials, or a plethora of other reasons. Often these materials remain in our yard, waiting for someone to claim them at hugely discounted rates.

We discount them because they were often someone else’s order, meant to be sent elsewhere. But because they weren’t, they sat there waiting to be redirected.

This means that we have beams of all sizes, wood for pergolas, decking materials, siding, railing, and a range of mixed materials- all in our yard, ripe for the picking. Much of this material is covered by tarps as well, so it has remained in great condition.

discount lumber

What can these materials be used for?

We have a range of materials out in our discount lot, and what we have will often change, or new things will be added. Typically though, there is a little bit of everything. Here’s a few things you can do with what we have available right now:

  • Build a mantel
  • Add beams to your living room or kitchen ceiling (for that rustic cottage or farmhouse look)
  • Build a pergola
  • Build a deck (yes there is enough out there to build a deck- and the materials are under tarp, in good condition)
  • Build a picnic table, sand box, tree house, dog house… really these materials are great for DIY furniture projects.
  • A wood accent wall

We’re always adding more to this lot, which means that you can stop by regularly and find new items that will suit your next project.

There has been a growing trend for many DIY’ers to go out to old mills or abandoned ranches to remove the wood floors or walls, reclaiming the wood for projects. Either that or to spend more money buying wood from a reclaimed lumber store, just to get the wood that is labeled “reclaimed”. But if you could get materials for half the price, or even less than half, why would you spend more?

Ask us about our discount lot and discount lumber for more information by calling: 866-534-2108. If you are looking for a specific item it is always best to call our office to ensure we have what you are looking for. You can also visit our yard any time during business hours (even without an appointment).

Take A Look At Some Photos From Our Discount Lot

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