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Tiny homes are part of a trend that is becoming more popular as they evolve more. The idea of living in a smaller space, saving money on rent or mortgage, less energy being used, and a more efficient home overall is very appealing, especially to the younger adults. The great thing about tiny homes is that besides the limited space, they are just like a traditional home. You can decorate your tiny home, style them with the same furniture and even use the same building materials to make your home as close to your dream as possible. Most tiny homes are very modern in style with some having a touch of vintage or rustic to them.

Using Reclaimed Wood to Decorate Your Tiny Home

Reclaimed wood is becoming a design staple in many homes among designers and architects. If you can use reclaimed wood for the design of a regular home, why not use it for a tiny home too? We are going to go over some of the most common uses for reclaimed wood and some of the ideas that people are less likely to think about when designing their tiny home.

The first obvious one would be accent walls. This is what reclaimed wood is most known for. Adding an accent wall can instantly bring a design to any room no matter how bare. The best thing about accent walls is that if you want everything else in the room plain and just want the wall to stand out, it will still look great and just as styled. You can leave the accent wall plain or you can add wall art such as mirrors, stickers, or pictures to it. You can also put an accent wall in just about every tiny room in your tiny home.

Flooring would be the next commonly thought of a way to use reclaimed wood. Using reclaimed wood for your floors is smart because not only can it withstand a lot of wear and tear, but it also looks very high end and luxurious without the price tag. The best thing about using it as flooring is that you can tie it into your entire tiny home by using similar shades of color to create a nice flow.

Furniture is the last way people usually think about using reclaimed wood. Because of its washed and rustic look, it works very well for building furniture and not having to do much work on the design aspect. You can use reclaimed to build a bed frame, headboard, dresser, nightstand, shelves, or even a kitchen table in your tiny home. Chances are you won’t have the room for all types of furniture possible, which means you can buy a bulk amount and use the same kind for all the pieces you can fit. This will ensure that everything in your tiny home matches.

Now onto the less common ways you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your tiny home. Shutters are a good exterior accent that can give your tiny home a more traditional and complete look. Reclaimed wood shutters can give your tiny home a rustic cabin-like look and feel which is perfect if your little home is in the mountains.

Siding is a common thought when building a tiny home, but using reclaimed wood as the source can be unknown to people. Most think that reclaimed wood can only be used as siding inside a home, but it can be used on the exterior as well. Nine times out of ten, the reclaimed wood was sourced from a deconstructed building and was once on the exterior. Reclaimed wood is very durable and resistant to wear and tea,r which makes it an ideal building material for siding. You could also match your siding and your shutters to make them similar or you can use other color combinations to give your tiny home some contrast.

The last and final way you can use reclaimed on the inside or outside of your tiny home would be as trim. If you are using reclaimed wood throughout your tiny home, accent it with your trim matching. If you trim to match the overall design of your home, it tends to have a cleaner, more complete look. You can use reclaimed to border your floorboards, your exterior, or your door beams.

Aside from these select few ideas, there is no end to what you can use reclaimed wood for in your tiny home! If you would like to use reclaimed wood to design your tiny home, give us a call! We would love to help you find the product you need.