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RMFP’s Deck Superstore suggests that you go bold when it comes to mixing and matching the decking colors of your composite deck. The options are endless and gone are the days of the traditional wood deck according to this Deck Superstore.

Contractors and deck designers are really pushing the envelope when it comes to choosing materials and colors.

Our Deck Superstore feels that the Trex decking line offers the most possibilities to consumers. The specialists at our Deck Superstore say that with Trex’s signature deck and railing lines you can truly make your deck one of a kind.

Forget Matching!

RMFP’s Deck Superstore has seen a growing trend of homeowners choosing contrasting decking and railing materials for a unique look. Though you can find recommendations for just about anything online, our Deck Superstore suggests pairing Vintage lantern Trex decking with a lighter toned railing selection for a chic look. A dark colored deck outlined with light railing will really give some dimension to your deck.


Our Deck Superstore also hopes that you remember that furniture (although it is not always affixed to your deck) is a decorative feature of it. We propose using furniture with contrasting colors to your Trex deck for the same dimensional affect.

Cultivate Spaces

Our Wheat Ridge Deck Superstore has really come to like the idea of using different colored decking to designate “living spaces” on your deck. For example, the Deck Superstore says to use lighter colors for conversation areas and darker colors for grilling and eating spaces. This Deck Superstore feels that these subtle color differences can expand the visual appearance of your Trex deck making it look like there is more surface area than there really is.

RMFP’s Deck Superstore reminds its customers that paying attention to detail when it comes to a deck, no matter how small, will pay off in the end.

Your deck will be with you for years to come and a part of some of your most memorable events!