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Having a storage shed for all of your gardening and pool supplies isn’t always possible.

There has been a revolution in home renovation in the past few years. Much of this is because of HGTV, believe it or not. It’s shows like Fixer Upper, and Tiny House Nation that have changed the game both in the housing market and in renovations. Homeowners are realizing now more than ever that they have options! It’s possible to customize your home to your own tastes and personality. You’re able to change the way something looks, just by doing a few small things or putting on a coat of paint. Also, homeowners are finding that they have possibilities when it comes to storage. Not only on shelves and in closets, but there are options for garden and deck storage as well!

So while it is intriguing to talk about all the ways that the tiny house movement has pushed us towards minimalism and genius storage and space- saving hacks, that’s not what this article is really about. This article is meant to present some of those ideas to you. With this information you can either add these to your deck, or include them in your plans to upgrade or build a brand new deck.

Deck storage possibilities:

Here are some of your options!

Under the stairs

If you have a deck that is even somewhat raised, you have some room for storage. It could just be a few drawers small enough to hold tools or pool floaties, goggles and toys… there are a lot of possibilities under the stairs.

deck storage

Under the deck

This leads into the point that if you have a raised deck, there is a ton of storage underneath. It really is best if you exploit this space. Put in some large pull out drawers. Or maybe it’s a big and tall enough space to completely enclose it, make it into a hangout space for the kids, or some hammocks. Maybe it is a good place to put the lawnmower, rakes, bikes, wood for the winter… We’ve even seen people hang their kayaks from under the deck with an easy slide-out!The possibilities are limitless.


Built in bench storage

Some homeowners have taken to building seating directly into their deck. But don’t just build the seats and then leave all the space beneath it as dead space. Enclose it and use the seat as a lid to access the basin. It’s a great way to store blankets for the fall or winter sky gazes and bonfires, or store the seat cushions and pillows when it is raining or snowing.

Hidden Spaces

Hidden spaces for storage are becoming increasingly popular for plenty of reasons. Mostly because it’s just common sense to give otherwise dead space a purpose. This means creating buckets in the floor where you can store things like drinks or hoses, deck cleaning supplies, gardening gloves, or even toys.

We’ve also seen homeowners build sand boxes for their kids directly into the deck, and then put a lid on it that is flush with the deck. A great way to keep the sand dry, and out of the way when it is not in use!

deck storage


If you’re interested in adding deck storage, or want to build storage into a new deck, call Rocky Mountain Forest Products, at: 866-534-2108, for all the materials that you will need for your project- at the best price possible! You can also reach us through our contact page, or visit our lumber yard in person.