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Decks are the perfect place to gather friends and family for some outdoor fun. As an extension of your living space, a deck enhances a home and provides an area for endless hours of enjoyment.

Whether you are replacing an old deck or building a new one, it is important to carefully plan out the design and function of a deck before tackling such a big project. Would you like to incorporate a spot for an outdoor kitchen, elevated garden, brick fireplace, portable bar, or table and chairs? Will a single-level, square-shaped deck fit the layout of your home, or do you need to construct a multi-level deck? Perhaps you are interested in building a deck with a distinct shape, using rounded curves and sharp angles.

Decks come in all shapes and styles. As you put together your deck blueprint, make sure not to forget another important element – railings.

Why You Need a Deck Railing

Railings are a valuable asset to any deck for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Safety: The safety of you and your guests should be your top priority. Even if a deck doesn’t seem very high off the ground, a person could be seriously injured falling off a low deck.
  • Building Codes: There are certain rules and regulations to follow when constructing a deck, and the use of railings, guardrails, or guards are a part of those stipulations. To follow building and decking codes, you must secure the perimeter of your deck with rails if it is more than 30 inches above the ground.
  • Protection: If children and pets will utilize your deck space, a rail is especially useful. Kids and animals create unique safety concerns, even if a deck sits below that 30-inch mark. An elevated deck is a fall risk, no matter the exact height.

Deck railings provide an irreplaceable peace of mind. From the young to the old, all occupants of your deck need protection.

Types of Railing

The potential for injury or harm is the last thing you want to worry about when entertaining on your home deck. Installing a secure guardrail is the solution.

There are multiple kinds of railings available, each type offers unique features and characteristics. Let’s look at the highlights of six railing brands.

  1. Fortress Railing: As an industry leader, Fortress railing products are well-known for their innovative design, strength, and quality. The technology used for their multi-layered corrosion coating process stems from the automotive industry, creating nearly maintenance-free products. Committed to making the strongest railing on the market, Fortress railings offer a complete line of railing options, such as cable, iron, aluminum, glass, and wood railings.
  2. Trex Railing: If you want a harmonious appearance to your deck and railing system, Trex is for you. Their complete decking and railing system allows a homeowner to pair their decking with railing options in order to create a seamless look. Trex offers high-performance, environmentally-friendly products made from recycled materials. Whether you are interested in a traditional or modern deck design, there are three Trex railing lines to choose from – Trex Signature Railing, Trex Transcend Railing, and Trex Select Railing.
  3. Fiberon Natural Railing: Fiberon deck railings combine the durability of composite materials with the beauty of natural wood grains to offer a one-of-a-kind product. Their composite deck railing has a satin finish that requires no maintenance or upkeep in three eye-catching colors – Tranquil White, Serene Black, or Simply Brown. With Fiberon decking, you achieve the beautiful look of real wood, without the need to stain or paint your railing system.
  4. TimberTech Railings: No need to apply paint, stain, or sealer to TimberTech decking products. In fact, all six different decking and railing systems offered by TimberTech come with a 30-year Fade and Stain Warranty. TimberTech products are covered with UV-inhibiting pigments to minimize the natural fading that can occur due to sun exposure. Made of 73% recycled materials, TimberTech railings will not splinter or warp either.
  5. Envision Railings: The aluminum and steel railing options by Envision come in all sorts of styles. You can achieve a simple and sleek look for a minimalist appearance, or choose a railing with more twists and turns for a design-oriented taste. Their powder-coated rail systems ensure Envision railings withstand extreme weather conditions while remaining strong and durable. From a matte white finish to a textured bronze, Envision railings are designed to elevate the look of any type of deck.
  6. Green Bay Railing: As a technologically advanced composite decking line, Green Bay decking is sure to please. Their glass deck railing comes with a 25-year limited warranty and is compatible with all the Green Bay decking lines. Color selections include walnut, cedar, mahogany, and driftwood. Their aluminum railing comes with a 15-year limited warranty in white, black, and bronze color variations.

Before You Begin Building Your Deck

Deck railings should be an integral part of your deck-building plans. With so many options available, it is critical to take the time to research the different types and styles of deck railings to ensure you select one that will meet your needs and style preferences.

You can have it all with deck railings – a beautiful look and high-end feel with railings made from quality materials that provide security and protection to your family and guests.