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Designing your outdoor living space is just as important as the indoors. Deciding on whether to install a deck or patio can be a difficult decision. Although they satisfy the same purpose they are very different.

Deck or Patio?

What is the difference?

Essentially, a patio is an outdoor space that is placed directly on the ground made of concrete, stone, or pavers. Patios are ideal for firepits, chimineas, and built in grills.

Decks on the other hand are built off the ground with a support system and are made of wood, vinyl, or composite decking. Although they are often more visually appealing than a patio they do require some maintenance. Decks can also be built with multiple levels creating larger outdoor spaces.

Patios: Pros and Cons

  • Concrete and stone are very affordable which means you may be able to cover more square footage than with a deck
  • Patios are flush to the ground making installation quick and easy
  • Patios require little to no maintenance other than a quick cleaning now and then
  • Concrete and stone can withstand harsh sunlight and are resistant to the elements
  • Patio can crack if the soil underneath is not prepared properly
  • Concrete and stone can stain 

Decks: Pros and Cons

  • Although a deck can be more expensive than a patio the return on the investment is much higher
  • Decks do require staining, power washing, and sealing depending on the material
  • Decks, especially made of wood, are susceptible to weather damage, fading, and rot
  • Composite decking is much more resilient and durable than a wood deck
  • Composite decks can last decades with proper care
  • Decks can offer multiple levels of outdoor living areas depending on the amount of available space
  • Decks are customizable and come with many built options to optimize outdoor living

Decks and patios both offer functional ways to enjoy the outdoors. They will both bring added value to your home and when installed correctly can be a real added benefit to prospective home buyers. 

When it comes time to design a new backyard or freshen up an older one, take some time to research both options to determine if a deck or patio fits your backyard better!