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When designing your deck, you most likely took a lot of time to create the right layout, to choose the right materials, and to pick the right style. However, even the most amazing deck can look naked without some useful and functional additions. These minor accompaniments can take your deck to the next level in use and appearance. Here are some deck ideas to consider if you are designing a new deck or want to spruce up an existing one.

Deck Ideas #1: Pergolas

Today’s homeowner wants their outdoor living spaces to emulate the same style and elegance as their indoors. Pergolas are a great way to create a pavilion outside your patio doors. They are not only functional, but add character and dimension to your landscape. Pergolas are a romantic way to cover your entire deck or just a small area. They keep your outdoor space feeling open by allowing some sunlight and summer breezes through.

Deck Ideas #2: Molding

For Decks Ideas #2, we most often think of crown molding as a decorative accent used indoors. Crown molding can also be used along porch ceilings and around the deck. This is most commonly seen around deck posts, built in seating, and planters.

Deck Ideas #3: Stair Stringers And Risers

Often times deck stairs deck are left open. This can give your deck an unfinished look. To truly reflect your homes interior outside, consider adding stringers and risers. This is done by installing fascia on the side of each stair, and as a riser in between stairs.

Deck Ideas #4: Larger Than Average Deck Posts

If you are using a pre-assembled railing kit, your deck posts will be a standard 4×4 or 6×6. If you do some customization and use a larger deck post, you can give your deck a very unique and bold look. This is one of our favorite deck ideas!

Deck Ideas #5: Post Wraps

Leaving deck posts exposed to weather is one of the quickest ways to deplete the visual appearance of your deck. Post wraps cover the post to protect it, giving it a more finished look.

Deck Ideas #6: Lighting

Enjoy your deck at night and increase safety by adding deck lighting. Lights can be installed on stairs, risers in between deck levels, on built-in planters and seating, and overhead. There are a variety of styles to choose from depending on the style of your deck. Deck lighting is low voltage, so it does not cost a lot to use it year-round. Deck lighting is also available in solar options as well, as you explore your options for deck ideas.

Deck Ideas #7: Privacy Walls

Sometimes it is necessary to put up privacy walls after your deck is installed to make it more comfortable if you are visible to neighbors. There are many options to consider. You can purchase pre-fabricated privacy walls made of lattice, plastic, or wood. There is always the DIY way to go as well. You can also customize a privacy wall that is accented with personalized touches like inserts, planter boxes, or lights.

Deck Ideas #8: Outdoor Curtains

You can soften the look and feel of your deck by installing outdoor curtain panels around its perimeter. This is not only decorative, but can also be a source of privacy.

These are just a few ideas that can enhance your deck and outdoor living spaces!