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These deck additions can transform your deck into an outdoor space that you will never want to leave.

This is summer. The time of year when the grills come out, the pools get uncovered, the friends gather out on the deck for a meal. We all know that decks are a special place that create special memories. A place that allows us to be both outdoors, and at home, where we are most comfortable. Most homeowners like to dress up their decks with patio furniture, rugs and pillows, a few plants- but there are other things that can be done. Things that take deck decorating far beyond those typical items. These deck additions will take your deck from regular, to a place to escape to.


Deck additions to transform your space:

Here’s just a few:


If you’re looking for a simple deck addition that makes a huge visual impact, while also providing a space to sit and relax, well a day bed does exactly that.

A day bed can be either built into the deck, or one that you can move. Either way, it’s a great investment and addition to your deck.


There are a million different ways to add a bit of flame to your deck. The most obvious choices are a fire pit, a fireplace, and a pizza oven.

You’d be surprised how common firepits and fireplaces on decks are becoming. This is because there are more options when it comes to decking, and more protections. Homeowners are now able to customize their decks more than ever before, and it’s creating some incredible designs.

Want a better hang out space for your kids? A place to sit around and drink a cold one with your friends or relax with your spouse? How bought a night of smore’s or fire pit grilling? Adding a bit of fire to your deck presents a lot of opportunities.

Outdoor kitchen

Just like a fire pit, outdoor kitchens present a lot of opportunity. This means more time outside. More time with your family. You can watch your kids play while the cooking ensues. You’re not divided, and not limited.

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A garden offers tranquility, aromas, visual stimuli, and perhaps a hobby. But it is also a chance to grow your own food, your own herbs or remedies, your own beauty. Plants can also offer you an escape. That’s exactly what a deck is meant for, to be an escape from the stresses of everything away from that space. It’s only fitting that plants are intertwined with that aspect of a deck.

Built in seats

Want to always have a place to rest? Built in seats make it easier to have a place for all of your friends and family. It means never having to use the dining room chairs for your guests or someone standing for the whole evening.

Not only that but a built in place to sit automatically draws people to sit. It becomes a natural gathering place. If you don’t like the rigidity of a wood seat, or want something a little more comfortable, consider adding a plush swing- or a day bed as mentioned earlier.

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Pergolas also create a natural gathering spot. We all love to be on the deck, but in the summer it can often be too hot to spend a lot of time there. That’s why pergolas are so important. They provide shade for you and your family, as well as a beautiful cover for your dinner party.

Theater screen

Now this… is just cool. Create the ultimate evening for your kids, or the best romantic evening for your spouse. Either way, a screen like this only makes the deck more special.

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