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It doesn’t have to be your typical plain old deck.

Many people don’t think of their deck come fall/ winter, because well, it’s cold. When they do think about their deck during these cold days it’s usually about how to prepare the deck for the harsh and potentially damaging winter weather. What people don’t know, is that fall and winter are popular times to install or replace a deck, for many reasons.

But don’t jump up to start your decking project just yet! We want you to take the time to imagine your most perfect outdoor decking oasis. A deck is often visualized as a plain and flat space that ties the outdoors to the in, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many other things that you can add to your deck to make it an even more special and attractive getaway for you and your family.

Here are some of those options:

Built-In Seating

They’ve built their seating into a split level deck, but there are many ways to add seating that can be just as beautiful. No more buying patio furniture that you have to replace every year.

Deck Additions That Come Straight From Your Dreams

source: bhg.com

A Fireplace

One of our favorites! There is nothing better than a warm and atmospheric fire to light up the night on your deck. Not only that, but it will extend the use of your deck into the more colder days. You may also consider adding a pizza oven above or beside it for those party nights, birthdays, and well, pizza nights.

Deck Additions That Come Straight From Your Dreams

source: hgtv.com

A Hammock

Is there really anything better than a space to fall asleep or read a book? Especially when the weather is great, but we’d argue that it will always be a favorite hang out spot year-round.

Deck Additions That Come Straight From Your Dreams

source: contemporist.com

Outdoor Bed

Speaking of sleeping… this outdoor bedroom is absolutely divine. This one is mostly enclosed, but there are plenty of other ways to convert your backyard into the perfect sleeping spot for those warm summer nights.

Deck Additions That Come Straight From Your Dreams

source: cottageintheoaks.com

A Pool

Or a hot tub. Even when it’s snowing out a hot tub can be a great soothing escape from the winter blues. Your outdoor space should always be an escape, so consider adding the benefits of a place to soak.

Deck Additions That Come Straight From Your Dreams

Outdoor Kitchen

A place for grilling, or a bar for entertaining. There are something that most people consider one of their top priorities picking a design. That’s because food brings people together, and it is the center of entertainment. Don’t leave this one out.

deck additions

source: 101recycledcrafts.com

A Garden

Cook things from your own garden, and add a bit of color and life to your deck by putting in a built-in garden, or maybe add a greenhouse or growing tower. The possibilities are endless. But if you are a person that likes to be surrounded by nature, then this is an opportunity to bring it home with you.

deck additions

Whatever you choose to do, we hope you make it the space you want to return to day after day year after year, for the entire life of your deck. If you choose the right materials, that could be a long time.

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