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Using real components of nature in crafts and home décor is a perfect way to give your home a touch of nature and a unique look from the inside out. A common piece of nature that is used more often in home décor are tree trunks. There are many different ideas that you can use tree trunks for, whether it’s a full trunk or cut pieces. With a little creativity and inspiration, anything is possible. Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we wanted to compile a list of ways to use tree trunks that we liked the most.

Table Base

A creative way to use a tree trunk that you found or is left from cutting down trees on your property is as a table base.  You can use as much or as little of a tree trunk as you like, just make sure you treat the tree to avoid any mold or debris getting into your home. The easiest way to do this is to spray the trunk with a clear lacquer to coat everything and give it a protective layer. Once you have treated the wood, you can secure a table top to it to be a nightstand, bedside table, or coffee table to give your home a natural rustic look.

Serving Trays

Having serving trays to use during hosting events, as a centerpiece, or just for daily use can be very helpful and be a great design piece. Most trays are made of wood, but what if yours is unique to you and you used the remnants of a tree? Of course, to make this project you would need the proper tools such as a saw, drill, nails, and the lacquer to finish it, but you can also take your wood to a wood worker and have them take it from there. With this tray, you can add a rustic accent to your home as a centerpiece with candles or fillers or even as a centerpiece for an event you’re hosting.


When it comes to decorating your table, island, or coffee table you can use just about anything as a centerpiece. Like we mentioned above, you can use a serving tray that is decorated with candles, or fillers. However, those are not the only options, if you come across a small tree trunk and have a chainsaw or a hand saw, you can cut circular pieces of the tree trunk and use them as bases for a centerpiece in your home or at an event like a wedding. By cutting the trunk, you expose the wood grain which enhances the design and gives it a natural look. You can use them by themselves or you can use them as a base for vases, candles, or even as a barrier between the kitchen table and a hot dish during dinner. This is such a cute way to implement nature into your daily life and décor.


You can also use the circular cuts that you cut for your centerpieces as signs to say whatever you want. You can use them to create a design for wall décor in your house or as signs for events. A couple of ideas that are popular for these signs are ones for a wedding that say “Mr. and Mrs.” or as table markers, aisle markers, and more. You can also use them for engagement pictures that say “I said yes” or the last name of your soon to be spouse. When it comes to signs, there are a million and one options for what they can say and what you can use them for, you just must be creative.

Name and Address Plates

If you are wanting to give the exterior of your home a rustic touch, you can use pieces of wood cut from a tree trunk as an address plate with the numbers and street of where you live. Another idea is to make a name plate saying what family lives there, such as “Smith Home Est 2003”. These are cute ways to customize your home and make it specific to you and your family.

Wood is the perfect way to accent your home with some décor with a rugged and rustic style. If you can get creative and use some inspiration, your options are endless!