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With the summer season coming to a close, these are the last few weeks where throwing a get-together outside will be possible. So before you invite over your neighbors, family or other friends you’ll want to make sure that your outdoor living space provides ample entertainment and comfort that will leave an impression and create lasting memories.

So when it comes to outdoor living areas, they serve two main functions: the first being your very own, personal space of peaceful relaxation – which we talk about a lot within our other articles.


The Second Function

Whenever you want to have guests over, the big question is always: will there be enough room for everyone? By having an area outside that allows for them to spread out, your guests will be able to relax easier in a very peaceful atmosphere.

So the second function, which we haven’t touched on as much, is providing a means of outdoor entertainment for your guests.

outdoor entertainment

How Can I Fulfill This Second Function?

There are so many ways a homeowner can go about producing said means of entertainment. Decks are a great example. They make a great communal space that can be used for meals or a comfortable environment for conversations. Adding furniture and decor to your deck will be the best way to create a lasting impression on your guests. Read more about choosing a deck, here.

hidden house outside table deck

Having this extension off your original living space will provide a solution to overcrowding.

Another addition you could do is an outdoor kitchen and/or eating space.

Everyone loves food! That being said, outdoor kitchens are a huge trend. They allow you to cook and BBQ for your guests while still being able to share stories about the work week and enjoy the beautiful view of the Colorado Mountains.

kitchen bars

Those are good, traditional ideas but what about “unconventional” ones?

Sure extended living spaces like a deck or outdoor kitchen are incredibly powerful ways of creating guest entertainment, but what if you already have one or both of those?

Let’s take a moment to brainstorm a few other ways to create the optimal outdoor living space for your guests:

Home Movie Theater

Dinner and a movie? It’s the classic combination!

Creating your own theater system can actually be fairly simple, while seriously impressing your friends and family. The easiest method to complete this type of project would be using a projector and free standing screen. The hardest part would be creating the frame for your screen, but that can be done using PVP pipes – which are cheap and very easy to work with.

Once you have a projecting system set up, you can watch movies with your guests or your kids can play videogames – all while enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors!

Gardens and Ponds

Colorado natives love nature.

With that in mind, designing your landscape and garden areas in a way that allows for your guests to immerse themselves would be another great way to create the perfect outdoor living space.

Lush greenery and even small ponds are just two examples, but your options are virtually unlimited. Check other outdoor living or landscaping publications for even more ideas.

So where does this all leave me with creating the “perfect” outdoor living space?

outdoor space

The main takeaway from all this is that you should always consider the comfort of your guests and the entertainment aspects that your outdoor living space provides.


Not only is having an enjoyable area important to your guests wanting to come back, but it also improves your property’s resale value. Resale value is determined by what shoppers on the market deem as valuable, which can also depend on the current trends. So if resale value is a concern, look into outdoor kitchens additions or other popular trends.

The perfect outdoor living space provides you comfort and peace and quiet from the chaos in our lives, while also providing sufficient means of entertainment that will impress your guests, leave them with plenty of memories, and make them think, “Man, we should hang out at their place more often!”

Have more ideas that we didn’t touch on? Comment below and share!

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