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With summer just around the corner, now’s the time to upgrade your outdoor spaces! There’s no better way to create the perfect tropical oasis than with exotic wood materials. Create a space you love that’s both functional and stylish for years to come. 

Exotic wood species are known for their durability and natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for a deep wood hue with rich colors or something lighter with the same level of resilience, there’s an exotic wood out there that’s perfect for you.

What Makes Exotic Wood Different?

Unlike your traditional cedar wood, exotic woods are ‘hardwoods’ meaning that they are harder and more resistant to everyday hazards. These products are highly sought after for their natural beauty and flawless appearance on every surface. Exotic woods are known for their lack of knots and cosmetic flaws. Because of this, the materials are often quite soft looking and deep in coloring.

Beyond their visual looks, these materials are physically sound to stand the test of time. Hardwood materials are structurally more durable and resistant to decay over time. These boards are also very low maintenance and will require very little attention and upkeep over the years. Other than an occasional seal every few years or so when fading becomes noticeable, these deck materials will be good to go on their own for decades. 

Unlike many other decking materials on the market, exotic woods will fade at a considerable slower rate. In most cases, the only maintenance necessary will be a quick wash with a hose and removal of wet leaves. Overall, exotic woods are an excellent choice for decks due to their natural resistance to rot, decay, and moisture damage. In addition, these materials have oils beneath their surface that aid in sun exposure protection. For those living in a Colorado climate, there’s no better choice for a material that can last year-round through any weather.

How Affordable Are Exotic Wood Materials?

Exotic wood materials are the premium choice for our consumers. Their high quality comes with a higher price tag than other options, but the longevity will save you in the long run. Since these products are so resistant to weathering and decay, they are certain to last longer than other materials that are cheaper. 

So yes, although these materials are more expensive than softwood and composite decking materials, they are built better and will last longer. Since they are more durable and long-lasting, they will actually save you money in the future. Not to mention, there is much less maintenance associated with these materials. Saving you time, money, and any stress. 

The Best Exotic Materials For Your Deck

With all of that said, what exotic materials are the best for your deck? Believe it or not, Rocky Mountain Forest Products supplies the largest amount of exotic hardwood decking in the state of Colorado. With materials ranging from the tropical look of Ipe and the intricate looks of Tigerwood, there is something for everyone.

Some of our customer favorites are Ipe and Garapa. These materials are highly sought after in our Colorado market due to their ability to combat unpredictable and harsh climates. These products have a rich color and seamless grain throughout their surfaces. They are dense, sustainable, and high-class. Ipe and Garapa are frequently used by architects and designers to achieve a tropical and luxurious feel in outdoor spaces. They are an all-around favorite and ideal for virtually any project.

We also supply Fijian Mahogany, Red Balau, and Tigerwood. These species of exotic hardwoods are highly desirable due to their unique look and true exotic feel. Mahogany is one of the top decking materials in the world due to its vibrant coloring and ease of installation. Unlike many exotic woods, mahogany is a softwood. Meaning that it is considerably easier to work with and more affordable for labor costs. Red Balau and Tigerwood are known for their distinct colors and functional aesthetic. These materials are hard and built to last. A great product for anyone looking to stand out for years to come.

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