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A new fence can bring value, safety, and privacy to any outdoor space. But at what cost? When it comes to building a brand new fence, there are plenty of costs and details to keep in mind. Regardless of the price tag, fencing is sure to bring decades of functional use and natural beauty to your outdoor spaces.

Coming Up With A Budget

The first step to any large-scale project is to come up with a plan and a budget you’d like to achieve. The biggest cost that will come up is the fence material that you choose. One the more affordable side, split rail fencing and post and dowel are usually cost effective options. On the more expensive side, tall privacy fences and premium materials will have a higher price tag. It is important to note, however, these expensive materials will last longer and ultimately save you money down the road.

Once you have determined the material you’d like to go with, be sure to measure the entirety of the space you’re looking to cover. After doing some math, you should be able to get a rough price on the materials. There are ways to cut back costs without sacrificing the look of your fence; such as standard grade pickets, metal posts, or shorter heights. Be sure to stay within your budget without settling for a look that you don’t love. 

Who Will Do The Installation?

A huge cost that you will need to consider is labor. Hiring a professional to come in and install your fence for you can get pricey depending on your location and the job size. For privacy fencing, we recommend hiring a contractor to do the job right. For easier builds like split rail, you can attempt to install these yourself if you have the tools for it. 

Of course, if you love DIY projects and want to take it on, most fencing can be installed with the right equipment. Especially for those looking to cut back on costs, installing a fence on your own can save you lots of money. It is important to keep in mind that the quality of a fence may be higher if a professional installs it. This can help you save on repairs and additional costs later on.

What kind Of Upkeep Will The Fence Need?

Another huge thing to consider when building a fence (or any structure for that matter) is the maintenance it will need. Many materials that are cheaper in costs will require semi-annual upkeep to keep them functional and looking good. Other, more expensive materials will often not need this maintenance and save you time and costs down the road.

If you’re someone who does not want to keep an eye on damages or perform regular upkeep on your fencing, it may be best to invest in a quality material and professional installer. This ensures your fencing is good as new for years with little need for attention or concern.

Quality Over Affordability

Like with most materials, it’s always a good idea to upgrade the quality for a longer-lasting, more durable structure. While affordable fencing is a great option for those on a tight budget or for fencing that doesn’t need to be too functional, it will not be as well-performing as a high quality one. We always recommend investing in quality for a lifetime of time and money saved. 

For more info or to get a quote on your next fencing project, contact our specialists here.