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Shiplap siding is not just for farmhouses and barns anymore! Over the years it has been adapted for many modern-day uses. Most of these new uses are for the interior of your home.

Since shiplap is very versatile and easy to work with it can be used in any room of your home. Back in the day if you saw shiplap used an interior wall paneling it was painted white and usually paired with a sea-faring motif.

Today shiplap siding can be used among some of the most exquisite modern-day design ideas.

Shiplap Siding: Kitchens

Using shiplap in the kitchen is a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a unique look. It can be used to highlight an existing farmhouse décor theme or to knock down an up-to-date kitchen a few notches.

Shiplap siding looks great with granite and other natural stone to add texture to your kitchen.

Shiplap Siding: Staircases

Some of this year’s design trends are focusing on staircases. Often overlooked as a design concept, staircases are a sure-fire way to change the look of your home. Installing shiplap siding in your stair well can bring some needed attention to your staircase. Depending on the configuration of your staircase it can warm it up or open it up. This can all be done with vibrant color choices and creative installation.

Shiplap Siding: Dining Rooms

Want to give your dining room an elegant look? Gone are the days of traditional chair rail. Transform your dining room into a radiant eating space with shiplap. Use it as an accent wall, full paneling, or as half wall paneling.

Shiplap Siding: Libraries

Libraries have fast become one of the most coveted rooms in a new home. Seen as sort of a status symbol homeowners are always looking for ways to make their library pop.

White shiplap can give your library a more relaxed feel to your reading room while darker colors can look more regal.

Shiplap Siding: The Rustic Go-To

If rustic is what you are after shiplap is an unmistakable way to get there.

By following the traditional vertical installation, you can give any interior or exterior a farmhouse feel. However, by using a horizontal configuration you can get a contemporary rustic theme that will be one of a kind.

If you are planning a new home project, then consider using shiplap from Rocky Mountain Forest Products. As you can see it is economical and user friendly. It is one of the new trending materials that a help you add character and individuality to your home!