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Shiplap is a popular up-and-coming style being used on the inside and outside of buildings today. The rustic, timeless feel that shiplap provides to a space is highly admired and in high demand across the world. Beyond aesthetics, shiplap is also a necessary building material to protect your home or business from unpredictable environmental factors and stresses. When properly cared for, the natural wood siding that Rocky Mountain Forest Products provides will last years and protect the future of your livelihood, rest assured.

Shiplap is wooden siding that can be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Its design allows for the wood to tightly interlock and overlap each board. The overlap is what makes this product so secure and tightly sealed, enabling it to withstand drops in temperature or sudden unprecedented weather ailments. 

Shiplap from us is already inexpensive compared to bigger stores, but now it will also help you cut back on your heating or air conditioning bill as it is a great source of insulation. It’s incredibly durable and able to combat even the harshest of weather. Not only is it functionally a great option for siding, but it’s also trendy and easy to install. Anyone can install shiplap, regardless of building experience, and the removal or reconfiguration is just as trouble-free. 

Not only is shiplap a great building material to use on the exterior of buildings, but it’s just as great for the interior. It adds a cozy charm to any space and a great accent to rooms needing more detail. It’s a simple addition to any area, yet can add so much more than meets the eye. 

Benefits of Shiplap Siding

As mentioned above, shiplap siding is one of the best materials to use for siding given its durability, versatility, and effortless installation. Shiplap can be installed however and wherever, making it ideal for beginner builders and people who like to change the designs within their home frequently. 

Shiplap Siding Species

At Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we offer a wide variety of wood species to choose from to customize your shiplap siding to your preferences. One of the most popular types of wood among our customers is redwood. Redwood has natural oils and resins that help protect it against rotting and insect infestations. It also has a unique, rich texture that can resist warping, shrinkage, and cupping. For shiplap that’s being installed externally, redwood is an ideal material to use to avoid any long-term damage that is common with siding. 

For a more cost-effective option, we also provide shiplap siding made from spruce, pine, and fir options. These are affordable siding choices that would stand up well against environmental influences with a good oil-based stain covering them. 

Shiplap that needs staining should be stained on all sides prior to installation. Because the technology of the design allows for the shiplap boards to interlock with one another, the pieces expand and contract together to stay strong and uniform. So in order to ensure that your shiplap is sealed tight on all sides, not just the initially exposed ones, staining the entirety will keep moisture and other elements out of the wood if warping were to occur. 

Creative Uses for Shiplap Siding

One of the most common ways that people use shiplap is as an accent wall. Although shiplap walls are seen as design features frequently, they can be installed in completely unique ways to really stand out and act as a conversation piece. Not only are shiplap walls functionally a great option for homes, but they are customizable and will fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences however you’d like.

A nice way to make your shiplap a focal point in your home or business is to alter the colors, angles, and location that it’ll be seen. Probably the most common shiplap colors, white or natural wood, are classic and lovely to look at but can be overlooked due to the familiar design. By adding a bit more color to your shiplap, your walls will have both dimensions and prominent styles.

Another excellent way to make your shiplap creative and unique is by installing it at angles other than just horizontally or vertically. Shiplap can be cut into shorter boards to create cool designs and patterns on virtually any surface. Even just putting shiplap in on a diagonal angle will help bring in a whole new feature to a space.

Beyond changing up the colors and design, another great method for making shiplap more eccentric is by installing it in places other than a wall. This could be anywhere from a ceiling, fireplace, to even furniture around the house. Shiplap is versatile and is guaranteed to look excellent wherever it ends up being installed.

Ultimately, shiplap is a fun and creative tool to bring about a whole new ambiance to your home or business. Its rustic, timeless feel is sure to welcome anyone with warmth and comfort. It’s a great product to use outside or inside and has features to help with insulation and weather resistance. With the versatility and personalization that shiplap has to offer, there’s no limit to what you can achieve in a design with shiplap siding!