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Composite decking is comprised of a mix of artificial materials. Consisting of plastic and organic filler, it requires no stain or paint and is installation-ready upon purchase. Composite building materials need little upkeep and will generally last just as long as normal wood. Not to mention, composite decking won’t warp and is guaranteed to look good for quite some time. In the past, composite materials got a bad rap. The technology just wasn’t there yet to make composite materials anywhere close to the quality of wood. Nowadays, composite decking has come a long way and is one of the most popular materials to use as decking. 

Benefits of Composite Decking

One of the main pros of installing composite decking is the low maintenance that comes along with it. Unlike wood decking, it isn’t necessary to stain or paint the surface of the composite. The product is resistant to weather, pests, rot, and durable enough to last. With natural wood, homeowners will have to re-stain their deck every year or so in order to keep it looking good. Natural wood decking also requires cleaning that may be difficult given the material and location that the deck is in. Composite decking just needs a quick wipe and cleanse from a hose every once in a while and it should be good to go for years.  

Other Composite Pros to Consider:

  • Natural Materials – Many composite decking supplies utilize natural materials such as bamboo. This can help to mitigate deforestation.
  • Eco-Friendly – Oftentimes, composite companies will make their materials using recycled products.
  • Attractive – Composite decking has never looked better. Resembling wood, the materials are almost identical from natural wood from afar.
  • Protected From The Elements – Composite decking is reasonably protected from environmental conditions and won’t rot or split in unpredictable climates.
  • Warranty – Most composite decking materials will be accompanied by a 20-year warranty, giving you the flexibility if something goes wrong down the road.

Composite Cons to Consider:

Color Fade – Similarly to natural wood, composite materials will likely fade over time. Unfortunately for composite, the colors are what make it resemble wood so clearly.

Mold – Composite is known to be able to grow mold, much like many other surfaces. 

Cost – Composite typically is more expensive than natural wood.

Contains Plastic – Not everyone is a huge fan of the fact that composite materials often have plastic in them. 

Unnatural Look – Composite is realistic-looking, but nowhere close to the natural look that wood has. It can also get scratched more severely than natural wood, unmasking its disguise.

Composite Materials That We Offer at RMFP

Trex Decking

Trex is one of the top brands for composite decking materials. It’s a high performance, low maintenance, functional product that is ideal for any outdoor space. Trex manufactures a wide range of colors and styles for you to choose from so you can integrate them into any design. You can add on features like railings, lighting, and framing to give your Trex deck a more complete and contemporary look. Trex is produced using a composite material with a natural finish to make it resemble wood as closely as possible. 

TimberTech (Azek Decking)

If you’re searching for a product that is low maintenance, durable, and long-lasting, TimberTech may be the composite choice for you. TimberTech is a composite decking company that manufactures some of the best materials on the market to replace wood. It has all of the benefits that natural wood has, without the difficulties. The upkeep is seamless and the product is completely functional. It’s built to last. Resistant to rot, scratches, and stains, TimberTech is perfect for high traffic areas and looks just like natural wood. 

Fiberon Decking

Similar to Trex and TimberTech, Fiberon is a company that specializes in composite decking materials. Their product is tough against wear and tear and still looks new even in the harshest of conditions. Fiberon manufactures many different colors and styles for their decking materials so you can be sure that it’ll fit into the aesthetic of your home. 

Fortress Decking

Fortress is a composite building materials manufacturer and is known for its effortless installation and long-lasting product. Fortress’s composite decking materials are easy to maintain and won’t warp or rot over time. Made from bamboo, Fortress crafts their composite products in a variety of different colors to match anyone’s taste. They have natural finishes, high-quality material, fasteners for a quick install, and a warranty on all products. 

Evergrain Envision Decking

Evergrain is a composite decking material produced from polyethylene and wood fibers. It provides strength and good looks for any deck build. Because of the way Evergrain manufactures its product, it can withstand the elements and withstand general wear and tear for up to 20 years. They also provide warranties on all of their decking materials so you can be sure that you’re getting a product that will last you for years to come. 

Greenbay Decking

Greenbay composite decking materials are known for their ‘No Drip Through Decking.’ This prevents water damage by tightly sealing the materials from any moisture. This composite decking is great for anyone living in tumultuous environments where unpredictable weather patterns may occur. Greenbay Decking looks fantastic, provides incredible strength, is guaranteed to last, and can combat any environment.