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Looking for a way to boost curb appeal and protect your home? RMFP has plenty of great options to choose from! The fan favorite and our specialists’ most recommended material is cedar. Especially for those living in Colorado, cedar is built to last. With its natural resistance to many of the elements we endure, cedar can combat harsh conditions while looking good year round.

With some of the most popular cedar siding options in the state, Rocky Mountain Forest Products provides only the best to our customers. Whether you’re looking to improve exterior protection on your home or you want to add a beautiful feature for all to see, look no further than cedar siding.

Cedar Shiplap

Probably the most well-known form of siding, cedar shiplap is beloved by many across the globe. It’s simple and affordable to install, looks great and is a great way to improve property value. When correctly installed and properly maintained, cedar shiplap from RMFP will last decades.

Cedar shiplap stays tight due to a tight overlap in boards. It creates a compact seal that is perfect for those living in colder climates. Beyond its incredible insulation control, shiplap is durable and versatile. Since the material is so easy to work with and install, homeowners will save on additional costs eliminating any labor needs. Plus, this design allows for easy board removal in case of any replacing needs. 

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shake is a classic siding profile that many of our customers love to install on the exterior of their homes. This siding gives off a unique texture and one of a kind design perfect for any curb appeal. This look is great for mountain homes or designs consistent with a New England/Cape Cod look. These shingles are easy to replace when damaged or wanted to be removed. 

The overlapping look of the cedar shakes makes for a bit more complicated install. We recommend hiring a general contractor for this project unless you have a background in this field of labor. Rocky Mountain Forest Products offers a wide variety of cedar shake looks and functionalities for you to match with your lifestyle needs.

Cedar Channel Rustic Siding

Looking for a more rugged look for your siding? Cedar channel rustic siding may be the best option for you. With its weathered surface and cosmetically flawed grain, these boards give an authentic and natural look. This variety of siding is commonly used on interior and exterior walls depending on performance and design needs.

Channel rustic siding is typically an unseasoned knotty grade. The side that is seen is saw textured, whereas the others are unfinished as they will be hidden. RMFP usually offers these products in 1×6, 1×8, and 1×10 sizes. It is an easy to install material and has minimal waste. It’s a great material all-around, and we couldn’t recommend it enough.

Cedar Bevel

Another one of the most popular style options is bevel cedar siding. This variety of siding is also known as ‘clapboard.’ It’s been used for centuries and continues to be one of the best options for our customers living in a Colorado climate. This budget-friendly material is durable and naturally resistant to much of the harsh conditions that we endure in this state. It’s available in clear and knotty grades for all of your design needs.

Although the boards look as though they are heavily overlapping, they are actually just two separate thicknesses on either side. This creates the appearance of the multi-angle surface we know and love.

Cedar Tongue and Groove

Last but not least, the most popular siding option here at RMFP is our cedar tongue and groove materials. This versatile product can be used indoors or out as an accent wall, soffit feature, or even window and door framing. There are so many opportunities to create with cedar tongue and groove and the potential is unbounded.

These materials are high quality straight from the mill. Cedar is naturally durable and will last in any setting for decades when properly cared for. Cedar tongue and groove siding remains one of the best materials on the market for an affordable, quality, and authentic look for any home. 

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