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If you’ve ever visited the East Coast in the summertime, you’ve probably seen the beautiful beachy shakes and shingles on the exterior of buildings and homes. This iconic siding is not only a staple for a cottage-styled home, but they are also incredibly effective at resisting damage and protecting the existing structure. If you’re looking for the perfect addition to get your home ready for summer, cedar shakes are the way to go.

Especially when the sun is out, shakes tend to fade nicely over time and give that iconic washed look that they are known and loved for. Of course, with regular maintenance and preventative measures, the cedar coloring can stick around for decades. Whichever method you decide to go with, the shakes are sure to look great year round. 

Benefits Of Cedar Shakes

At Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we supply top quality cedar shakes from Cedar Valley. Cedar Valley prides themselves on their handcrafted shingle panels and innovative solutions to typical conditions that exterior siding endures. They incorporate western red cedar mounted to plywood with a protective fiberglass matte laminate. These layers of protection make it one of the best products on the market in terms of looks and performance.

The cedar shakes offered come in a variety of different styles to match the existing design of your home. This can include corner shingles, standard products, specialty shapes, and even a combination of all of the above. These materials are truly built to last and will provide protection to any home for decades with little maintenance. 

Another huge advantage of these materials is that they are composed mainly of cedar. As you may know, cedar is incredibly resistant to harsh conditions like sun exposure and prolonged moisture. Cedar shakes are a great investment to be sure your exterior is durable enough to take on even the strongest of weather. 

How Affordable Are Cedar Shakes?

When you consider the protection, peace of mind, and beautiful curb appeal that cedar shakes provide— they’re priceless. When compared to other siding profiles like LP or some tongue and groove options, cedar shakes are quite affordable.

When preparing for costs on a siding installation, it is also important to consider any labor costs involved. For many siding profiles, installation can be done by anyone with the right tools. Unfortunately, cedar shake installation is a bit more involved and may require more tools. We recommend hiring a contractor if you do not feel confident taking it on alone. 

Great For The Summer And Winter

One of the best parts of cedar shakes is their year-round beauty. These iconic exterior profiles are best known for their beachy essence made famous on the East Coast in places like Cape Cod and the Hamptons. They exude a worn beauty and timeless charm that’s unmatched. Take advantage of these looks on your own home today! You don’t need to live by a beach to capture its stunning qualities.

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