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When you are designing the exterior of your home, you want the design to compliment your style and bring the design of the inside of your home outdoors. Cedar Shake Shingles are an alternative to traditional siding that can instantly make your home look like a rustic, upscale, and mountain living home. There are many ways you can style your home with cedar shingles, from using it as an alternative to siding completely or using it as an accent among traditional siding. Your imagination is the limit.

Cedar Shake Shingles at RMFP

Our cedar shake shingles are from a company by the name of Cedar Valley Handcrafted Shingle Panels. Their company focuses on being innovative when it comes to saving time and money in the building process. They offer the highest quality of shingles that are pre-mounted to a strong base made of plywood that acts as a protective layer. We take pride in our products and we offer nothing but the highest quality products at an affordable price.

There are four different kinds of cedar shake shingles that we offer, each one having their own unique characteristic that allows you to customize your home.

Standard Shingle Panels

Our standard shingle panels come in 3 different exposures from 7 1/8”, 5.3” and 4.25”. Each one of these exposures comes in different textures with matching corner styles.

Specialty Products 

There are nine different patterns to choose from for each standard decorator panel that is 8 feet. Each panel is specially made to match the texture and thickness of the regular panel that you order.

Corner Systems

This system is to cover the corners and give your shingles a nice flow and completed look. Of course, if you don’t cover an entire surface with these shingles and only accent a portion of your exterior you may not ever need a corner system. These are more for if you choose to use cedar shingles as an alternative to normal siding.

Under each exposure, there are different cuts and designs to choose from. Each one is one of a kind and allows you to choose which style you would like the best in your home.

Under 7 1/8” exposure we offer four different designs of 21 panels that cover 100 square feet.

  • Even bottom with a tight gap
  • Staggered bottom with a tight gap
  • Even bottom with an open gap
  • Staggered bottom with a tight gap

Under 5.3” exposure, we offer two different designs of 28 panels that cover 100 square feet.

  • Even bottom with an open gap
  • Staggered bottom with a tight gap 

Under 4.25” exposure, we offer two different designs.

  • Even bottom with an open gap
  • Staggered with tight gap

We offer many different options in the hopes that it makes it much easier to find your ideal style in the right exposure for your home and the design you want.

We also offer special-purpose panels that we can supply on an order-based occasion to give you optimal productivity and functionality. These panels are curved and flexible, so they can be used on curved wall sections. We can get even bottomed with a striated texture and we can get an even bottom with a rough texture.

When it comes to the corners of your home, if you need custom corners made for special circumstances or because you want a different design, we can order up to six different designs on an order-based basis. We can get the standard prefab corners that are 90 degrees, 90 degrees add on corners, and 135-degree flush corners. We also have customer prefab corner sets that wrap a column in its entirety, extended corner runs, and 3-piece flare corners for an enhanced look.

All of our salespeople are very knowledgeable and educated on the different types of cedar shingles we sell, as well as the different design opportunities you can achieve with our different types of shingles. We have different resources in place that allow you to successfully design the exterior of your home on a budget and to your liking. Come see us and look at some samples we have on the floor to get some inspiration and talk to a siding specialist. Who knows, maybe you will be starting your design today!