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Your outdoor space is the place to relax and unwind after a busy week. Most homeowners seek ways to enhance their outdoor space without needing to keep up with maintenance and repairs all the time. Cedar is very popular among homeowners because of how adaptable and versatile it is. Cedar is very easy to work with during installation and building. It also allows you to remain stress free when it comes to maintenance. Here are a few creative ways to spice up your outdoor space with cedar!

Add a Deck

This one is obvious and is talked about just about everywhere. Whether you have an existing deck that needs to be replaced or repaired or maybe you don’t have a deck and are finally ready to add on, we can help! Cedar is ideal for decks because of its natural beauty and easy upkeep. With using cedar, as long as it is installed properly and sealed annually, you will have no problems with your deck.


Adding shade to your deck can instantly make it feel like a whole new space. It can also make it more enjoyable. A pergola is the perfect way to add some functionality to your backyard while also enhancing your overall design. Pergolas can be built in many ways, which makes it easy for homeowners to match their wants and needs when it comes to the design.


Having a space where you can entertain family and friends is great, but sometimes you just need a space for yourself that you can go to and be zen. The great thing about cedar is that you can use it for just about anything. So, why not build a zen space like a gazebo that is away from everything and is a place you can escape to? It may not be for everyone, but don’t knock it till you try it.

Cedar Sectional

One of the main necessities for any backyard space is seating. Buying outdoor furniture can be very expensive and overwhelming, so why not build you own sectional? Cedar is beautiful and raw which makes it the perfect material for any furniture. You can stain it if you want a more complete look or you can seal it with a clear sealer and give you patio or deck a raw, natural look.

Outdoor Furniture

Along with your sectional, you can also use cedar to build a picnic table, additional seating or small side tables. Be as creative as you want!


Storage solutions are a great way to clean up your space and make you backyard look straight out of a magazine. You can use cedar to build an affordable storage shed or a bench that opens for extra hidden storage.

Planter Boxes

Adding some plants and greenery to your outdoor space is perfect. Build small planter boxes for your patio and larger ones to act as center pieces.

Play Houses

If you have little ones, being able to send them outside and be able to run their energy out is perfect for any parent. Build them the playhouse of their dreams, whether it be a treehouse or a mini mansion. Give your kiddo’s imagination an opportunity to flourish!

Dog Houses

Just like with your kids, your furry ones love to be outdoors but it’s hard in the hot summer months if they don’t have a place to find shade. Build them a little dog house that they can lay in and enjoy the outdoors.

Cedar is one of the most popular building materials for everything from construction to DIY projects like the ones we listed above. It is so vibrant, beautiful, and raw which makes it so aesthetically pleasing. Use your imagination and be creative when it comes to all the different things you can do for your home. Your home is your space to hideaway from the real world that is beyond your front doors, so make it yours. There are many ideas beyond the ways we listed above that you can do for your home. Give your home a touch of your style and design!