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This is the perfect time to wake your deck from its long winter slumber.  You may have noticed some dirt, fading, splintering, or other damage after seasonal wear and tear.  Winter can be particularly hard on wood decks. We’ve put together this guide to help with your cedar deck maintenance!

Cedar Deck Maintenance

cedar deck maintenance

Inspecting your Cedar Deck

Before deciding on a maintenance plan, take the time to inspect the entire deck on the surface and underneath.  Check the floor for loose boards and raised nails.  Make sure to also check posts for continued stability.  If you see anything concerning, replace and repair before moving forward with seasonal upkeep.  Once you are satisfied with inspection and repair, the next step is to clean the surface to remove any debris build up.

Cleaning your Cedar Deck

There are a couple of common cleaning options depending upon the layout of your deck and the surrounding vegetation.  Initially, after removing planters, furniture, and other accessories- sweep the surface and “floss out” between boards to promote water flow.  First, for surface cleaning, some homeowners prefer to use chemical cleaners that range from a mild bleach solution to stronger pre-mixed deck cleaning formulas.  If you decide to go with these, make sure that you account for the flowers, plants, and trees around your deck to prevent any harm.  Secondly, for the safety of their foliage, many people decide to use a power washer and diluted dish soap for their cedar deck maintenance.  This can be just as effective but make sure to use slow even strokes with a substantial distance between the deck surface and the force of the water stream to reduce scoring or stripping the surface. Despite the process you use, after completing an entire once-over cleaning, check again for raised nails and screws and countersink them to keep the surface of your deck smooth.

Staining your Cedar Deck

Once the cleaning has been completed, it is now time to evaluate to see if it is time for a new coat of sealant.  On average, cedar decks need to be resealed every 2-4 years to maintain its longevity.  Some homeowners prefer a more weathered look on their cedar deck, while others want to return to the luster of a newly installed deck.  You can choose a variety of pigmented stains to bring it back to life.

cedar deck maintenance

More Cedar Deck Maintenance

There are other things you can do to add to your whole cedar deck maintenance plan after repairing, staining, and cleaning.  Consider replacing your tired string of plug in lights with solar illumination to capture more ambiance. The selection is endless, and the new look will update your look from last year.  Planter boxes and built in seating also add additional finesse and character. Simply bringing greenery from around your deck to the surface makes it feel more homey and relaxing.  No matter the age of your original deck there are a multitude of things that homeowners can do to get a new look without breaking the budget.

We hope this guide has been helpful as you navigate your cedar deck maintenance plan. If you need any replacement deck boards or are building a brand new deck, give one of our decking specialists a call and we are happy to help!