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Cable railing is meant for more than just the deck.

 Traditionally, cable railing was made out of wood or iron, but there have been a lot of improvements over the last few years. As the concept of more variety and individuality become more apparent with everything in life, not just design, there become more options for this as well.

Updating your cable railing is an effective way to change the look of your entire home. Since stairs are usually in a well seen place, and stand in contrast to their surroundings, they can act as part of the design- an other piece of art. There are many styles and materials that can be used to line your stairs, but cable railing has become a go to for many home owners looking for a neutral but attractive option that can blend in well with almost any style.

There are many reasons why cable railing has become so popular. Below are just a few examples of how cable railing can be used to suit the varying styles of different homes, and why it may be the most attractive railing option available.

DIY/ Farmhouse Cable Railing

The farmhouse look is exceedingly popular because it is comfortable, quaint, and adds warmth to the home. The railings below were hand built by homeowners (link to the DIY by clicking photo). They’re simple yet attractive, and give the home a special touch of personality.

DIY/ Farmhouse Cable Railing

source: ana-white.com


This home is pretty non-traditional in the sense of having the kitchen upstairs. Add in the unique railing to tie everything together and create a beautiful transition from the upstairs to down. Matching the railing with the color of the downstairs floors, but in contrast with the upstairs really adds continuity and flair to the design. If you’ll also notice, the top of the table in the dining room, along with the benches, match the floors while the base of the table matches the railings. It’s a brilliant design by Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna. Take notes because it is a simple, yet eye catching design.

Not Just For Decks: Cable Railing Looks Even Better In Your Home

source: magnolia.com


The railings and the accent wall under the stairs almost act as art, drawing the eye directly to them. The cable in the railing panels allow for an open view to the walls behind them so that they don’t take away from the room, and instead act in a way that enhances their surroundings.

Not Just For Decks: Cable Railing Looks Even Better In Your Home

source: aluminumrailing.com

Beach House

The cable railing in this home acts more as an accent to the panels that the cables rest in. The wood posts and crosses give the home it’s style, matching the floors, bench and ceiling and standing stark against the white walls. The cable gives the railing dimension and stabilization, and even upgrades the beach theme with a more modern edge.

Not Just For Decks: Cable Railing Looks Even Better In Your Home

source: ciaonewportbeach.blogspot.com


Because cable railing doesn’t obstruct the view of what it is guarding, it is seen as an attractive option for lofts. The railing serves its purpose without detracting from the space. It also offers a contrast to the wood and softer color of the room, giving it a more edgy and modern feel than it might otherwise not have.

cable railing

source: archdaily.com

Whatever style of railing you choose, just remember that if you’re looking for a customizable option that fits most designs, cable railing is a good way to go.

If you’re interested in updating your stair railing, give us a call or visit our website for more information: Rocky Mountain Forest Products.