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There are a lot of reasons why cable railing should be your number one choice for your deck.

If you’re updating your deck or putting in a new one, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Everything from design, size, wood type, whether or not you should even use wood, railing, and so much more, need to be taken into consideration before you can start. But knowing what’s available is half the battle. So we’d like to make it easier for you by informing you of one of the best and newest innovations in deck railing- cable railing.

We say cable railing is the best based on several factors. Those would be durability, line of sight, and design flexibility. Cable railing that looks great on any deck, and even inside the home, earns a lot of points with us and our customers. If you want to know why cable railing is so great, take a look below.

Line Of Sight

Line of sight is extremely important when you have a deck with a view. Every homeowner wants to have an unobstructed view of the nature and beauty that surrounds there home. That’s where cable railing comes in. Because it is thin, yet strong, it can offer all of the protection that every railing should, without taking away from the view. Watching children is another factor when it comes to the need for a better line of sight. If you have a pool or a yard below, it is harder to watch the kids when there is more in the way. Refrain from an obstruction by using cable railing.

Why Cable Railing May Be The Best Choice For Your Deck

source: homedit.com



Protection for your family means you need strong materials for your deck railing. Cable railing will give you a great look, while still providing strength. Strength is provided by the horizontally or vertically run snap-proof cables. Put them in a grid-like design for even more strength. Steel or iron panels or posts have the possibility of coming loose, or a whole panel not being screwed in correctly. Cable railing tends to run through the posts from one end to the other, and can be tightened or a cord replaced much easier than if they were steel or iron.

cable railing on deck


It’s Attractive

Cable railing is one of the more attractive options in cable railing. It is simple and flawless. It can truly match just about any style and design imaginable. Choose deck railing because it is far from the ordinary. And, much different from every other type of deck railing that has traditionally been used.

cable railing on deck

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Design Flexibility

Following up with the idea that cable railing is more attractive, we point out that it is also one of the most customizable. Use it for a beach or lake front theme like in the picture below. Create something modern, chic, farmhouse, and even rustic. Choose posts made of wood, or steel or piping, or even cement. Paint the wood or simply stain it any shade whatsoever it doesn’t matter. Cable railing would still match it. Place metal rods in between the posts like in the picture below. Maybe a wooden crisscross for a country or farmhouse look. The possibilities are endless with cable railing.

cable railing on your deck

source: homeadore.com


For Every Home

Because cable railing is so flexible and so inexpensive, it can be used for any home. It could be for a small cottage in the country. Or for an urban loft with a rooftop deck in the city. The point is, it will fit every home and budget and look great with all styles. Use it on your deck, or even inside your home. Choose what makes sense.

Why Cable Railing May Be The Best Choice For Your Deck

source: digsdigs.com


Don’t take your deck design any further without considering cable railing. Homeowners everywhere are catching on to the benefits, and we hope you’ll realize them too.

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