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The Basics of Buying Siding

Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we take pride in offering the best quality products to our clients at an affordable price. We have been in business for over 45 years and to this day we have better quality control and prices than most of our competitors. In this blog we will be breaking down some FAQs about siding, some different siding profiles, and the basics and process of buying siding.

Our natural wood siding has been used in home building for centuries. We have a wide range of colors and textures available to reassure our customers of the opportunity to find exactly what they are looking for. Here at RMFP, we are a premium building materials supplier and we can supply to anywhere across the United States. So, if you’re interested in our products and you’re from another state don’t fret! We’ve got you covered.

Typically, wood siding comes in two different grades. Usually, they are premium or knotty. A premium grade tends to have fewer knots and streaks, while knotty grades are very natural looking. Wood siding allows you to give your home a very clean and finished look while also being affordable. We stock many different profiles of siding to allow our clients to choose from a wide variety for their project needs.


Now that you know the basics of siding, let’s see if we can answer some of our most commonly asked questions

  1. What is the best type of wood for siding? Well, Cedar and Redwood are what we recommend because they both have oils and resins that are naturally produced to reduce the possibility of shrinking, warping, and cupping. Cedar is typically sought after for if the client wants the natural raw look to their home. Cedar also holds stain very well if you desire stain. Redwood is also very popular because of its rich tone. They both last up 75 years and are extremely durable and sustainable. Basically between these two, the choice is up to you.
  2. How do you install siding?Siding is relatively easy to install. You start with preparing the surface of the wood and then cutting each board to fit the space. Once these are both done, the siding is laid out and secured with nails.
  3. What kind of siding profile is the best? Just like with everything, every siding has its pros and cons. When it comes to choosing the siding profile for your home ask one of our salespeople and we will help narrow down a few that might be best.


For the shiplap profile, there are a few options when it comes to species available. You can typically find shiplap in Cedar, Pine, Beetle Kill, Aspen, Doug Fir, Ipe, Hemlock, and Redwood. Shiplap is very easy to find and is very friendly on the environment because of how natural and raw it can be. 

Channel Rustic Siding

Channel rustic is usually used when clients want a more rugged look and want a siding that can withstand weather and wear and tear. Our natural channel rustic siding is ideal for any home whether it is in the suburbs or a mountain home. 

Lap or Bevel Siding

Bevel siding is exactly how you would imagine traditional siding. It has been used for years to protect and increase the beauty of a home. We provide premium level bevel siding at a reasonable price. Come check it out!

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove not only protects your home, but it gives your home a very clean and finished look. Depending on the color of the siding, it can look very natural or painted to look more modern.

Log Lap

If you are looking for a mountain cabin look without the price tag, log lap siding might be the way to go. Log lap siding can give your home a very natural and rustic look while also being affordable.

This is just a basic guide to buying siding and the siding options we carry here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products. If you are interested in learning more about each type of siding, visit our website and check out our blog page. We have various articles on our different products and our siding options. Feel free to stop in and look with your own eyes. We take pride in our products and the services we offer!