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Property values will increase when you build a privacy fence the RIGHT way.

Everyone loves a good privacy fence, right? When you build a privacy fence on your property you are doing it for any number of reasons, or a combination of them. Security, privacy, noise reduction, curb appeal, or a means to protect your pets and children or at least keep them penned in- these are all great reasons. Maybe that neighbor that stares out their windows, directly at you every time you’re in your backyard, has finally gotten to you. We don’t blame you. Whatever your reason for building a privacy fence, one thing is for certain… the right privacy fence will increase your property value.

The RIGHT privacy fence

Not all privacy fences are equal. Obviously, a chain link fence doesn’t provide much privacy. A fence too short won’t either.

When you build a privacy fence you want to make sure that you have all the components of design, function, durability, and security.

You don’t want a fence that is too easy to climb, such as a fence with horizontal slats. Now, there is a way to do a fence with horizontal planks, and it looks really good. But all too often there are designs that just aren’t practical. If you’re going to build a fence, make sure that you keep security in mind. You don’t want it to make it easy for people to get onto your property.

Here are the key bullet points you want to keep in mind before/ during building:

  • Height
  • HOA compliant
  • Security isn’t at risk because of the design
  • Aesthetics- keep it looking good so future home owners won’t have to replace a hideous fence (that would deter buyers)

build a privacy fence

Also, you want to be concerned with height. Most fences should be at least six feet high. You can also put lattice work on top to give it that extra height.

(Do check HOA requirements)

Adding “Decor”

Adding an actual perimeter around your property is a great step, but if you really want that added value, you should spice it up a bit. This means adding lattice, or really doing anything other than the simple plank next to plank next to plank.

You can add lighting, paint, a pergola fence overhang- where you can garden. In fact, adding a garden along the edge of a fence is a great way to use otherwise dead space. It can help to reduce the noise from the street or other properties if you put in bushes or trees. It gives more opportunities for Christmas lights, if you’re the type of person that likes to decorate for the holidays.

Adding any type of flare to your privacy fence, will increase your value and have the potential to attract or lock in more buyers if/ when you sell your home.

build a privacy fence



If you would like to learn more about building materials to build a privacy fence of your own, contact Rocky Mountain Forest Products at 866-534-2108. You can also visit our lumber yard during business hours, and without an appointment.