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A new fence is beautiful, fresh, and flawless but sooner or later it will age. You will eventually begin to notice sagging, rotting, or lose pickets. Don’t fret! Fence repairs are easily and for the most part budget friendly with our fence materials in Denver.

Fence Materials in Denver

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Inspecting Your Fence

When you first start to notice that your fence is maturing, make it a point to do seasonal inspections so that you can keep up on repairs. This can be done by walking your fence line from start to finish so that you can identify and notate all the visible problems. Here are some of the most common things that you need to look for:

~ Is your fence still straight?

~ Does your fence have a grey-gritty film on the surface and/or small holes which signify a bug infestation?

~ Are there any missing pickets?

~ Are there any broken pickets?

~ Are there any loose pickets?

fence materials in denver

Fence Repairs

Rotting Pickets: Pickets can become warped or bug-eaten and need to be replaced. When this happens, you need to remove the defected picket and replace it with a new one. To keep the integrity of your existing fence, line up nails or screws and use a level.

Wobbly Posts: Posts can become loose for many reasons. If it is not due to being broken or rotted, it is most likely due to the screw or nail hole becoming too large. You can either splint it on both sides with small thin stakes or you can replace the entire picket with fence materials in Denver. If posts become loose, you can also provide extra support with stakes or pour a new concrete base.

Sagging Gates: It is unlikely that you will not run into troubles with the position of your gate causing difficulty with the gate hardware. Gates experience wear and tear, often due to their consistent use and movement. Often times, this can be alleviated by tightening the gate hinges. When the problem extends beyond that, the weight of the gate may need to be adjusted or heavier hardware installed.

Loose Rails: Like all other fence parts, rails can become loose too. Rails can be strengthened with scraps of wood or by adding T-braces. If the damage is more severe you may need to replace the entire rail.

Stained and Mildewed Fence: Beyond structural issues, your fence can develop cosmetic flaws or become mildewed. For either problem, you can use a power washer to get your fence clean. This will allow you to apply or reapply a protective stain to help prevent these issues in the future.

Insect Damage: Insect infestation is a major disadvantage of wood fencing. If your fence is pressure treated or cedar it will be more resistant to insects. If you become concerned that your fence is becoming overwrought with bugs, do not hesitate because it can get out of control quickly and even spread to your house. Depending on the type of insect and the number of bugs, you may be able to salvage small sections without replacing the entire fence. Staining will also help prevent this as well.

fence materials in denver

Your fence is a major part of your yard and landscaping and needs to be cared for like the other components. It is much easier to make small repairs with fence materials in Denver over time instead of being faced with having to replace the entire fence. Most importantly, do not become overwhelmed- because whether you are an avid DIY-er or an inexperienced handyman, these basic fence repairs can be completed in no time!